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10 Times The Queen Proved She’s Actually A Complete Rebel

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of her best moments and to show you how much of a rebel she really is. Let’s celebrate our favorite rebel Queen’s birthday and look back at the moments where she really blew everyone and proved how hardcore she actually is. Prepared to be surprised by what you read!

Icon, hero and royal legend, Queen Elizabeth is loved by many throughout the world and is in fact the longest reigning monarch. In order to honor the Queen and her rebellious character here are some of her best moments from over the years. Which member of the Royal family shares your zodiac sign?

Queen Elizabeth's best rebel moments

Queen Elizabeth actually celebrates two birthdays; one in April and one in June. The tradition of monarchs celebrating two birthdays dates back over 250 years when King George II decided that he wanted good weather on his birthday; which was actually in November. The tradition of celebrating the monarch’s birthdays in June has continued ever since and almost always guarantees summer sunshine.

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When she skydived into the London Olympic Stadium

Okay, so maybe she didn’t really skydive into the stadium, but her stunt double certainly did and we think that’s pretty cool! In 2012, Queen Elizabeth took part in a sketch that aired during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games alongside James Bond aka Daniel Craig. The two then went on to skydive to their seats!

When she travels the world without a passport

Queen Elizabeth has visited 116 countries during her reign; all without a passport. The Queen can avoid all the bother of queuing at customs and security because all British passports are issued in her name, giving her the power to sail through.

When she served as a mechanic and truck driver in WWII

Queen Elizabeth’s duty to her beloved country started early for her when she was just 18 years old. Whilst the men went off fighting, Queen Elizabeth joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service and trained as a mechanic and truck driver. To this day, she is the only female member of the British royal family to have served in the armed forces.

When she married Prince Philip against her families’ wishes

Queen Elizabeth’s family were initially against her marrying Philip Mountbatten; the Prince of Greece and Denmark. Queen Elizabeth’s family were against the union because Philip at the time had only very little money and wasn’t born in the UK, but despite their protests, Elizabeth followed her heart and married Philip anyway.

When she paid for her wedding dress in ration coupons

The Royal couple tied the knot in 1947 at a time where the British were still in a precarious situation following the recent end of the war. Believe it or not, Elizabeth actually used her ration coupons to pay for the material needed for her wedding dress. Isn’t that beautiful?

When she kept her family name

Queen Elizabeth showed us just how much of a rebel she was following her marriage to Prince Philip when she decided to keep her family name instead of taking her husbands. Bucking tradition and staying true to herself really sets Queen Elizabeth apart.

When she didn’t let an assassination attempt get to her

During the Queen’s birthday celebrations in 1981, a 17-year old in the crowds actually fired six blank shots in the Queen’s direction although that wasn’t enough to throw her off. Despite being shaken, the Queen quickly got back on her horse and continued with the parade.

When she continued her duties despite her growing family

The Queen is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, but that doesn’t stop her from carrying out her duties to her country. Although she has recently decided to take things a little easier, she courageously travelled the world and worked tirelessly for decades during her reign.

When she put Justin Trudeau in his place

During a dinner in Malta, Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister happened to point out the Queen’s age, which didn’t go unnoticed. When the Queen gave her toast, she jokingly quipped back ‘thank you for making me feel so old.’

When she made a surprise appearance to promote the Invictus Games

When Prince Harry shared a video to promote the Invictus Games his grandmother made a surprise appearance alongside the Obamas. The hilarious clip became an instant hit on the Internet and it’s fair to say that the Queen really stole the show with her sidesplitting one liner.

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