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Reasons Why Christmas Is The BEST Time Of The Year

Ok, so Christmas might still be over a month away yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited! From the sparkly decorations to the amazing food, you can’t deny that there’s just something truly wonderful about this time of the year. So here’s our top 10 reasons why we’re just can't get enough of the festive season!

Christmas is an amazing time and fills our hearts with love and joy. Everyone has something special that they love about Christmas, what is it that you love? Discover the 10 best reasons why we love this amazing time of year and can't get enough of it!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Christmas is without a doubt one of the most popular holidays all over the world. But what exactly is it that makes us love it so much? Well, here’s 10 reasons that are sure to get you in the festive spirit! Why not also check out; How Christmas Is Celebrated Around The World.

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Christmas spirit

It’s hard to explain, but there’s just something about the atmosphere at this time of year that puts everyone in a good mood! It’s just simply impossible to be grumpy at Christmas.

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Ok, it may be materialistic, but it’s true, right? But it’s the giving as well as the receiving that we love so much. The look on someone’s face when they open the present you carefully chose for them is just priceless!

Food, food, food

There is just an unwritten rule that Christmas is the time to eat whatever and however much you want until you’re fit to burst and no one will judge you. Happy holidays!

Festive drinks

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate or mulled wine? Plus, all the big coffee chains bring out their amazing Christmas menus where everything is made 10x better by lots of cinnamon, caramel and whipped cream. Yes please!


Fairy lights, tinsel, holly wreaths…Christmas decorations are the best! And that’s not to mention the Christmas trees!

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Time with family and friends

Christmas is the perfect excuse to gather the whole family and spend quality time with each other. Everyone is always in a nostalgic mood, talking and laughing about old memories. Bliss!

Let it snow!

Ok, so we don’t always have a White Christmas, but it’s more than likely that there’ll be some sighting of snow in the festive season. And no matter how old you are, it’s so exciting, right?

Party time!

Everyone’s diary is always jam-packed around the Christmas period with work parties and nights out. Any excuse to drink wine and wear a sparkly dress!

Classic movies

Whether you’re a Home Alone fan or if oldies like It’s A Wonderful Life are more your thing, there’s no denying that Christmas movies give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Christmas shopping

Yes it can sometimes be stressful, but when else do you get such good deals and offers? Plus, you can escape the high-street rush at Christmas markets selling the cutest handmade gifts!

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