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The Heartbreaking Reasons These 11 People Took Back Their Cheating Partners

According to recent research, between 20% and 70% of people have cheated on their partner at least once in their relationship. Although the statistics seem shocking many people succeed in forgiving and working on their relationship with their partners. Discover the reasons why these people took back their cheating partners.

Learning to understand the reasons behind cheating can help empower people to move on and recreate their relationships even after cheating. People cheat for a whole multitude of reasons but focusing on the negativity and getting hung up on the bad vibes won’t help you move on and find happiness.

Reasons to take back a cheating partner

Cheating doesn’t signal the end of a relationship and can at times even make you and your partner stronger. Although cheating isn’t always pleasant to deal with, it’s possible to come through the pain with your relationship intact! Here’s why these people chose to take back their cheating partner and give their relationships another go.

Still in love

‘Walking away from my 10 year relationship and throwing away everything we had built together because of one stupid mistake was out of the question for me. Although forgiving my partner was hard, I was and still am deeply in love with her.’ – Damon, 35.

We’d both changed

‘Being in a relationship for years triggers changes in you and your partner, which are sometimes responsible for driving you apart. This is what Kelly and I had experienced and was part of the reason we decided to save our relationship. After going through the whole cheating experience Kelly convinced me she was able to change.’ – Evan, 32.

Fear of being alone

‘Although it sounds a little unbelievable, I actually took back my partner after he’d cheated on me because I was scared of facing the day-to-day life responsibilities alone. Having to pay bills alone and take care of the mortgage payments just seemed impossible.’ – Amanda, 40.

Time to forgive

‘Being cheated on is a traumatic experience and healing from it and being able to move on takes time. Forgiving my partner wasn’t an automatism but with the support of my friends and family the process became a lot easier and I now feel so much freer.’ – Clara, 36.

It was a one off

‘When I found out my long-term partner had cheated on me it initially crushed me, but after talking things out with him and putting what had happened into perspective, I decided to give our relationship another go. The cheating being a one-off convinced me to try again.’ – Elena, 34.

We were on a break

‘Without trying to sound like Ross Gellar, the reason I was able to forgive my partner’s cheating was because we were on a break, and although her actions hurt me and surprised me, we were eventually able to reconcile.’ – Cole, 39.

My love overcame my disappointment

‘Being cheated on by your partner hurts but in my case the love I had for him really triumphed over the pain that I felt. My love for my partner was and still is stronger than my negative emotions and has helped bring us closer together following the events’. – Courtney, 32.

Taking active steps to work on relationship

‘The main reason I decided to continue working on our relationship was the fact that Kiera had promised me she would commit to couple’s counselling to work through our problems. To this day Kiera has kept her promise and our relationship is stronger than ever.’ – Joe, 33.

It brought us closer together

‘As odd as it sounds, my partner cheating on me actually bought us closer together and forced us to talk about things we wanted to ignore. Ever since my partner confessed to cheating with me, our communication has become stronger. I’m not saying it was easy, but it has encouraged us to address our issues.’ – Georgie, 38.

People can change

‘One of my life mantras is that people can change no matter what they have done in the past. Saying it is a lot easier than putting it into practice but I eventually came through and was able to give my boyfriend a second chance.’ – Ashley, 35.

I didn’t want to give up

‘Even though Bree had completely broken my heart, I couldn’t face giving up on us and moving on. Giving up seemed like the easy way out and that’s just not my style!’ – Sam, 31.

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