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Is He Treating Me Right? 10 Qualities Every Woman Deserves In A Man

Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess in a relationship. From making you laugh to respecting you, there are certain qualities in a man that everyone deserves. Here are the things that every woman should look for in a healthy relationship!

There are certain things that should be non-negotiable traits that you look for in a man.

Relationship traits that YOU deserve!

Check out these 10 qualities that you should expect from your man!

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10 Things You Should NEVER EVER Compromise In A Relationship

A sense of humor

Every woman needs a guy who can make them laugh or cheer them up when they’re down. You've heard it before, but it is honestly so important!


What’s a relationship without kindness and warmth? Being nice is underrated!


Any guy who even thinks about cheating is totally not worthy of you!


Every woman deserves to know whether their partner is in it for the long-term or not.


Whilst excessive PDA is a no-go, every gal deserves kisses and hugs, right?


Whether that’s respect for your decisions, opinions or accepting you for yourself, this is an essentiel trait that you need in your partner.


You deserve someone who has goals in life and encourages you to pursue yours!


This is one of the key secrets to a good relationship. You deserve a man who is open and honest with his feelings!

Good listener

Every woman deserves a guy who actually listens to what they say, whether that’s problems and worries or just your rants about work at the end of the day!


You deserve to be loved by someone who is proud to call you their partner and include you in their friends and family

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