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Become A Master Dater And Stop Pushing Men Away

There's no doubt about it, dating is really difficult and when the spark isn't there, it can be disastrous. How is your dating track record? Do you feel like you can't maintain a relationship?Are you under the impression that you scare men away on the first date? Follow these tips to stop being a man-repeller!

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Don’t be so clingy

Of course it’s great to show your affections, but too much can make men feel stifled.

Try not to get jealous

It can be hard not to feel a pang of jealousy if another woman so much as talks to your partner. But being a jealous girlfriend will only drive him away!

Don’t be too obsessed with your looks

Constantly brushing your hair or applying your makeup when you’re with your partner is uncomfortable for men. They just can’t relate to that kind of thing, and implies that you care more about your looks than about him.

Don’t ditch your friends

You might think that devoting all your time to your partner is a good thing. But men like to see that you have a social life outside of them- it shows you’re likeable and popular!

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Keep up your hobbies

As well as keeping up your friendship, having interests and passions too is a big turn-on. Having no life outside of the relationship is too intense and will scare him away.

Don’t talk badly about other women

Constantly criticizing other women is not only a boring topic for men, but also makes you appear insecure about yourself. Concentrate instead on yourself and your relationship.

Put the phone down!

Texting your partner at odd points in the day shows you’re thinking about them. But constantly messaging them and getting annoyed if they don’t reply is too full-on, and can easily drive them away!

Don’t be a drama queen

There’s nothing worse for scaring a man away than overreacting at every little thing! Try to stay calm and reign in the tantrums…

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Don't nag

Remember that you’re a partner, not a parent! Whilst it’s good to look out for them, try not to nag and boss them around.

Stop moaning

A partner should be there for you to vent your feelings, but complaining about your life all the time can bring the whole relationship down. Keep things positive- happiness is attractive!

Don’t ask too many questions

Asking men too many questions, especially on a first date, can feel like an interrogation and is sure to scare them off! Try not to put them under pressure.

Live in the present

You might indeed have your wedding dress and children’s names all planned out, but telling all this to a man too soon will only freak them out!

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Give him his freedom

We all need time away from our partners now and again. So if a man says he wants to hang out with the boys on a Friday night, let him! Not giving men space drives them away fast.

Relax with the social media

Posting photos of your loved one online is a cute way to show that you’re happy. But constantly taking cheesy photos for Instagram and Snap videos could have him running for the hills!

Don’t be manipulating

Women who are manipulating and scheming are sure to scare men away. Be relaxed, trusting and stop playing mind games!

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