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What I Wish I Knew Before Agreeing To Get A Puppy For My Kids

As parents, we’ve all been faced with this dilemma: should we give in to our kids and get them that cute little puppy they've been begging you for years? Or should we stand firm and follow our heads over our hearts? This mom's story might help you decide.

One mom, Kelly, gave into her kids' demands for a fluffy friend. She shares some important advice that she wishes she'd known before taking the plunge.

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Let me introduce myself

I’m Kelly, an editor from Washington and the proud Mom to two adorable little cherubs. My oldest Zach is 7 and then there’s my little princess Lauren, 4. I’d like to think my approach to parenting is relaxed, but I’m sure that everyone who knows me would say the exact opposite.

Okay, so I’ll admit it, as much as try to be a cool Mom, deep down I know I’m just not! Which is why I challenged myself to become one. Yes, perhaps I was going through a mid-life crisis, but I decided to take a trip down memory lane back to my teenage years and aspire to be cool.

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Steps to becoming a cool Mom

My kids like many others have wanted a puppy for as long as I can remember. Zach and Lauren have asked Santa for a puppy ever since they were old enough to talk, not forgetting on birthdays too and every time we passed a dog on the street.

My immediate reaction was to cover my ears and just sing ‘la la la’. For me acting oblivious seemed like the easiest way out, although fortunately I didn’t do this. 

Why I was reluctant

I didn’t know much about dogs, although I did know that having a puppy would be a huge responsibility, like adding another baby to the mix, something that I totally wasn’t ready for! Puppies are cute yes, but really are hard work! But, in the end I gave in and we added Daisy, a Golden Retriever puppy to the family.

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What I wish I’d known

Puppies are actually really expensive when you take into account their vet bills, food and cost of care. Not to mention the time it takes to fully house train them and all the exercise they need on a daily basis!

Verdict time

Getting a puppy requires full dedication and lots of time and although I’ve had to make lots of sacrifices, including my favorite pair of shoes, I don’t regret my decision! Seeing my kid’s faces light up with joy every time Daisy chases them around the garden is just priceless.

The road to becoming a cool Mom was a long one and I often wondered just what I was doing, but I don’t regret getting a puppy for a second. And, I’m sure the new addition to our family will help us create lots of magical memories together. So, the next time your kids bug you about a puppy, give it some thought before shutting them down.

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