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A Look At Prince Harry’s Birth Chart, Yes We’ve Got Royal Wedding Fever!

Prince Harry getting engaged to the beautiful American actress Meghan Markle was big news and has sent the world into Royal wedding mode. Prince Harry and Meghan make the perfect couple and we just can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle in May. Prince Harry’s news really caught us off guard and but we couldn’t be happier for him, so let’s take a look at Harry’s birth chart and find out more about him before the Royal wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really are hot news and their Royal wedding is approaching fast which means the excitement surrounding the event really is at boiling point! What will Meghan’s wedding dress be like? What about Prince Harry’s engagement ring that he has selected for his bride? These are all the types of questions we have on our lips!

When is Prince Harry's wedding?

As the Royal wedding is just around the corner, MAy 19th 2018 to be exact, so we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at our favorite Prince’s birth chart and try understand his personality a little more.

Prince Harry's birth chart

Prince Harry is a Virgo ascendant Capricorn, which makes Prince Harry realistic, pragmatic and grounded. Prince Harry’s zodiac personality traits are really in line with the characteristics of the Earth element, which explains why he is careful, perseverant, resistant and loyal. Meghan Markle must really have blown the Prince away because according to his birth chart, it’s fair to say that Prince Harry doesn’t open his heart up to just anyone; it took someone really special to make him fall in love.

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Prince Harry's personality profile

When it comes to making decisions, Prince Harry tends to listen to his head over his heart and before jumping into anything, like a true Virgo, he loves analyzing all the eventualities. Prince Harry is a remarkably determined person and isn’t scared even by the toughest and most respected opponents. 

Prince Harry tries aims to surround himself with genuine and trustworthy people, whom he knows he will always be able to count on. Prince Harry’s birth chart also reveals that he isn’t naturally affectionate; however his feelings are very sincere. As for what he looks for in a relationship, Prince Harry needs a partner who understands him, who loves him for who he is out of the media and someone who is extremely ambitious…Does this sound like anyone familiar?

Mars’ position in Sagittarius is opposed to Prince Harry’s Sun, which means the Prince is impulsive and can at times resent authority and being told what to do. Prince Harry’s love of sport and competition is clear to see from his birth chart, along with his optimistic and determined personality.

Prince Harry's astrological houses

Prince Harry’s planet the Sun is in the eighth astrology house and is responsible for his resistant and resilient personality; traits we have seen following the horrific tragedies and losses he experienced in his youth. The Prince’s birth chart divulges just how sociable, fun and balanced he is in all realms of his life. What Prince Harry looks for in a partner is dictated by his Moon which is situated in Taurus and explains just why he his soulmate has strong maternal instincts, is reassuring and comforting in times of hardship.

Prince Harry’s birth chart indicates that he needs to feel comfortable and secure, but that money and material possessions aren’t important to him. He knows that he is very fortunate materialistically, although if he had his way, he wouldn’t necessarily be rich or famous. Prince Harry’s Moon indicates that he often has trouble expressing his emotions, yet that he is very sensitive, emotional and has separation issues, which no doubt originate from the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana when he was so young. The loss of Princess Diana has intensified Prince Harry’s need to have permanent reassuring figures in his life.

'There's a lot of times that both myself and my brother wish, obviously, that we were just completely normal.' 

- Prince Harry

Prince Harry is on the whole a really kind and attentive person who loves leading a carefree life surrounded by the people he loves. Prince Harry’s choice to lead a rather low-key lifestyle is influenced by the position of Mars and Sagittarius.

Prince Harry in love!

In matters of love, Prince Harry is romantic, adventurous and sincere,qualities that bode well for his engagement and marriage to Meghan Markle. Venus the planet of love is located in Harry’s ninth astrology house, which tells us that he is attracted to people for different cultures and walks of life. Prince Harry is full of surprises and it’s fair to say that his passionate personality will be enough to entertain Meghan for a lifetime!

Prince Harry’s birth chart tells us that in 2018 he will experience a period of fulfillment, prosperity and happiness with someone very special by his side.

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