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Prince George’s Most Adorable Moments Revisited

Prince George is about to turn 5, so what better way to celebrate this milestone than by looking back over at his cutest and most adorable moments ever. Over the years George has got us to say ‘aww’ on multiple occasions which is why looking back through his best moments could potentially be a cuteness overload for some viewers.

Prince George and the Royal Family all have a special place in our hearts and we can’t help but love them and follow their every move. The adorable Prince George is definitely one of Britain’s treasures and never fails to blow us away with his cheekiness and adorable behavior.

Prince George's cutest moments so far

Prince George of Cambridge isn’t your average 5 year old and has had a pretty full schedule up until now. In 5 short years, George has met Obama in his bathrobe and even memorized us on his first day of school. 

To celebrate Prince George’s upcoming birthday, we’ve selected 14 of his cutest and most adorable moments so far. Are you ready to look back on them?

An entrance fit for a future King

Prince George made his much awaited entrance into the world on July 22, 2013 and it’s fair to say we fell in love with the little bundle of joy instantly. Duchess Catherine also blew us away with how amazingly gorgeous she looked just hours after giving birth.

Say cheese!

Prince George’s first few months were spent in the quiet Welsh town of Anglesey with his beloved parents. The first released set of photos taken of the young family and their much loved dogswere taken by Michael Middleton; Kate’s Dad. What show stopping smiles!

Time for a christening

Prince George was christened in October 2015 in a simple ceremony. Prince George’s christening gown was in fact a replica of the one made for Queen Victoria’s oldest daughter Victoria in 1841. Keeping in line with tradition, Princess Charlotte also went on to wear the gown for her christening.

George the jetsetter

When the young Prince George accompanied his parents on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014, we got to see a glimpse of the cheeky chap’s personality. Whilst hanging out at a play group in New Zealand the cute youngster was apparently caught stealing toys out of the hands of other children!

Following in the footsteps of Uncle Harry

Whilst watching the Trooping of the Colour parade in 2015, Prince George stole the show with his typical funny toddler antics and stuck his tongue out much to our entertainment. Perhaps he had decided to follow in his uncle Harry’s comic footsteps.

The birth of Gan Gan

When it was revealed that George called his Great-grandmother a.k.a Queen Elizabeth Gan Gan we fell in love with little George even more! What could be cuter than referring to the Queen as Gan Gan?

Meeting his new sister

May 2, 2015 marked the start of a series of amazing big brother moments for Prince George. Who could forget when cute little Prince stole our hearts on the way to meet his little sister for the first time? What perfect siblings!

Brother and sister portrait

The photos of the adorable siblings literally took our breath away and left us asking for more! These gorgeous snaps were taken by the avid photographer Duchess Catherine. We think she’s got some serious talent!

Skiing time

The Cambridge's first vacation as a family of four was in the snowy French Alps in 2016. We can’t get over how cute Prince George looks bundled up in his adorable snow suit. Prince George and Princess Charlotte sure do make two cute snow bunnies.

When George met Obama in his pjs

In true Prince George style, the tiny royal impressed the former US President with his rocking horse skills sporting his pajamas nonetheless when Obama visited the UK in 2016.

When George melted out hearts

George used his magic once again and totally won us over in his third birthday portraits. We’re struggling to find anything cuter than the young Prince feeding his gorgeous dog Lupo ice cream.

Today is the big day!

Little Prince George celebrated his first day of school in London in 2017. Despite looking a little anxious and nervous on the walk to the gates, George’s smile was soon apparent for all to see. What a proud parent moment!

When George and Charlotte met Louis

Little Prince Louis came into the world on April 23, 2018 and was immediately welcomed by his older brother and sister into the family fold. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see this trio of cuties grow up together.

Looking sharp at Uncle Harry’s wedding

The Royals love and good wedding and definitely know how to put on a show! Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal wedding on May 19, 2018 was no exception. George was amazing as a page boy and looked show stopping in his adorable formal attire.

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