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10 Golden Fashion Rules For Plus Size Ladies

It’s time to embrace your gorgeous curvy figure this summer season by flattering every inch of your beautiful bod. You may have heard that curvy people can’t wear whatever they want and that to be fashionable you need to be a size 2 and under, but we think this is totally false! Flatter your striking curves by following our top ten golden fashion rules.

Ladies, rock this summer season and get on top of your fashion game with our amazing outfit advice.

Look gorgeous this season!

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Embrace your body.

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Avoid tight dresses

Whatever your dress size, no one wants to look like a sausage squeezed into a dress so tight that breathing actually becomes difficult. Curvy chicas of the world, opt for flowy dresses that really flatter your silhouettes and stay away from figure hugging materials.

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Wear clothes that fit

Wearing clothes that are too tight is just uncomfortable and isn’t flattering for your figures. Work with what you have in the present and don’t buy clothes in a target size. The secret to looking great is embracing yourself and your curves.

Avoid going too loose

We all want to be comfortable in our clothes and yes, feeling free is a real luxury, but don’t be tempted to hide your curves. Be proud of your body and own your curves, put them on display elegantly for everyone to admire.

Wear bright colors

Plus size ladies wearing dark colors is a thing of the past and no, wearing black doesn’t make you look thinner! And hey, why would you want to look thinner anyway, you have amazing sexy curves.

Be bold but not too bold

Opting for flowy and voluminous statement pieces is a great idea, although don’t be tempted to go too overboard. Mixing flowy materials and bold prints with asymmetric cuts will make for an unflattering look.

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Plunging necklines are your best friend

Whether you’re a pear shape or an apple shape, V shape necklines are for curvy girls and will make you look totally gorgeous. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your curves on display, round necks will also look fab on you.

Say yes to daring prints

Whatever your size, if you love bold prints don’t hold back! As long as you don’t do a head to toe printed and patterned look, you’ll rock your outfit.

Selective when it comes to shoes

Curvy ladies of the world, to look absolutely stunning, avoid sky-high stiletto heels and sandals with thin straps, these kinds of shoes aren’t your friends and won’t make you look elegant.

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Go big or go home

Opt for big statement jewelry that really stands out and flatters your shape. Thin and non-existent jewelry just isn’t for you, you need to go big.   

Good underwear

Okay, so this one may seem obvious, but clothes look way better when our underwear is correctly sized and fits like a glove. You may pay a little more for great underwear sets, but the extra money will be worth it!

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