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20 Reasons Why A Pet Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Pet lovers of the world, we know you understand us! Having a pet in your life is like having a constant source of love, attention and affection, right?! Now, you could say that a boyfriend provides the same thing, but we beg to differ. Become a crazy pet person and check out just why pet love beats human love every time. Discover the 20 reasons why having a pet tops being in a relationship.

Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish...whatever your pet of choice, the benefits of owning a pet are endless. Sure, dating is fun, but you can you really rely on your boyfriend as much as your favourite furry friend? Having a pet means you'll never be let down or made to feel sad, what's your zodiac sign's ideal pet?

Why having a pet beats having a boyfriend

Being in a relationship can be hard work and can at times get you down, but having a pet by your side is a totally different story. We've racked our brains and have come up with reasons why having a pet in your life will bring you way much more fulfillment than a romantic partner. If you love dogs, discover the perfect dog for each zodiac sign

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Unconditional love

Whether they’re furry friends or not, these guys will always have unconditional love for you and will never judge you.

Constant cuddles

You’ll never ever see a pet rejecting a cuddle, no these guys just love snuggle time.

No fighting

Having a pet makes life so much simpler. With a pet in your life you’ll literally forget what fighting feels like!

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Easy-going personalities

Pets are so chilled and will just go with the flow. As long as they get to spend time with you they’ll be happy!

Simple diners

If you aren’t great in the kitchen, there’s no need to worry. Pets are easy diners and won’t ever complain about their steaks being undercooked.

Completely fun

Fun is guaranteed with an animal companion by your side, the same can’t always be said for a man.

Always upbeat

Coming home to your pet is no doubt one of the highlights of your day, right? Seeing how happy they are to see you every night is awesome!

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They keep you fit

Having a furry friend in your life, especially a good gives you a great excuse to keep your waistline trim. Working out and doing your favorite sport by zodiac sign will even become fun.

No complications

With a pet in your life, you can definitely kiss goodbye to complications. These guys are all about the simple life.

Great listeners

Sometimes you just want to rant and rave without be judged, right?! Of course and guess what, with a pet in your life, it’s totally possible and they won't disagree with anything you say.

No grudges

Even if you forget their special morning treat once in a while, your animal friend won’t hold it against you. Forgiveness comes easy to them.

They take up less space

Snuggling in bed and on the couch is so much easier because these guys take up way less space.

No fights over the remote

The great thing is that our animal friends just want to make us happy. So, if you’re happy watching ‘The Bachelor’ so is your pet!

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Great at keeping secrets

Pets are amazing at keeping secrets, you’ll never have to worry about them running their mouths.

They’re reliable

How could someone with such a cute face ever let you down or betray you?


These guys will never stab you in the back and will always let you know just how they feel about things.

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They love your friends

Pets love meeting your zodiac sign friends, so you’ll never need to worry about them not getting on with your human friends.

They love letting loose

Pet friends are ready for fun 24/7.

Shower singing

Another great thing about pet friends is that they’ll never judge your bad shower singing.

Source of happiness

Our pet friends are the ultimate source of happiness! You’ll never have a bad day with an animal in your life.

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