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The Top 15 Qualities Of The Perfect Girlfriend (According To Men)

Knowing what character traits make the perfect girlfriend has always been a mystery, but we're about to change this! We like many others have always been intrigued by the elusive traits of the so-called 'perfect girlfriend', so we decided to investigate a little more by asking men. Check out which traits, according to men make the best girlfriend ever; you could be in for a pleasant surprise!

Discovering which qualities men consider make the perfect girlfriend has always been a bit of a mystery if we are honest, but the good news is we now have the answers for you! Although men might not admit it, when it comes to dating girls, they are fairly meticulous in what they look for. Relationships make up a very important part of our lives, so why wouldn’t men be a little picky when it comes to choosing a girlfriend.

What qualities make the perfect girlfriend?

According to the men we've spoken to, the best girlfriend ever has these 15 qualities! Are you the perfect girlfriend according to men? Check out the 15 top qualities of the perfect girlfriend and who knows, you may be in for a pleasant surprise! Wondering what type of girlfriend each zodiac sign makes? We have the answers for you!

Perfect woman characteristics

If you are curious about what makes the perfect girlfriend, the good news is we're here to reveal exactly what men want in a girlfriend. 

What makes a girl perfect? Here are the top 5 traits:
1) Honesty
2) Kindness
3) Affectionate behavior
4) Ambition
5) Intelligence

Want more details about what which qualities make the perfect girlfriend according to men? Scroll through the 15 qualities of what makes a girl perfect!

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1) Honesty

Honesty and openness are very important traits and are indispensable for most guys. Being honest is a sign of being mature and that you are ready to take things further, nobody wants to be played and led on in a relationship. Guys appreciate honesty, especially when it comes to feelings; they like to know where they stand and want to know whether they can envisage a future with you.

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2) Inspiring

It may sound a little cliché and just out of a romance novel, but men really do want to be with someone who makes them a better version of themselves. Guys love having someone in their lives who is able to motivate them to become better people and show them how to. They’ll even be thankful to their partner for calling them out if ever they are out of line.

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3) Friendliness

Being friendly is such an important trait and men really do hold this one close to their hearts! Guys love it when their girlfriends get on well with their friends and family. According to men, the perfect girlfriend will go above and beyond to establish great relationships with the most important people in their life and may even tag along to watch sporting events with your buddies.

4) Affectionate

Being loving and affectionate is a very important trait for girlfriends to have according to men. Being tender and caring shows guys just how important they are and hey, who doesn’t love a bit of affection?! Guys don’t require dramatic acts or declarations of love 24/7, but simple gestures such as sweet little kisses and the occasional heartfelt ‘I love you’ will do just the job.

5) Fun loving

Guys love it when their girlfriends feel comfortable enough with them to totally goof off and have a good time. Having fun is an essential part of any long-term relationship and guys love girls who are always ready to head off on adventures and do something a little crazy and out of the ordinary. Men find women who don’t take themselves too seriously and who love to playfully flirt very sexy.

6) Easygoing

It’s totally normal for relationships to hit a few bumps along the road, however constantly fighting isn’t normal and guys apparently just don’t have time for this. Guys accept that they need to be called out at times, however what they don’t want is someone that continuously nags them for little or no reason. Guys love it when their girlfriends know when to let things go and don’t look for unnecessary drama.

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7) Attractive

Being attractive is perhaps the most obvious and cliché ‘perfect girlfriend’ trait but nonetheless, it is an important one. Mutual attraction is often what sparks relationships in the first place and is often what keeps them ticking over. Guys love it when their girlfriends look good and turn heads, yes it may sound silly, but guys adore it when their girlfriends want to look pretty for them, it makes them feel special.

8) Intelligent

Intelligence is an important factor for guys, no we’re not saying a guy’s ideal girlfriend has to have a Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences, but ideally she has to be someone with whom you can have meaningful conversations. A woman with the same level of intellect as a man is a total turn-on. Guys will never get bored with an intelligent woman on their arm, because she’ll definitely keep him on his toes and will even teach him things.

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9) Independent

Guys find independence a very sexy trait in a woman, nothing is more endearing for men than a woman who can stand on her own feet and make her own decisions. Independence is one of the most essential keys to a successful and happy relationship. Dating someone independent means you are with someone with various layers to their personality and character, which in turn means you’ll never run out of things to talk about thanks to their various activities.

10) Ambitious

What is sexier than someone with ambition and goals? Nothing, according to men! A woman who knows exactly what she wants and who has put a lot of thought into how she is going to go about getting it is almost totally irresistible for men. Strong, determined and go-getting women make guys go weak at the knees. We’ll let you in to a little secret, men love dating ambitious women because it is a huge ego boost for them.

11) Good listener

Being a good listener is a trait all men look for in a girlfriend. According to guys, being beautiful and sexy is all well and good, but when troubles start to hit, physical appearance won’t help reassure you, but a good listener will! When times get tough, guys want their girlfriends to be there for them, to listen to them, console them and advise them, they want their partners to be their support systems.

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12) Bravery

Being brave and choosing to overcome fear is an extremely attractive trait because it really demonstrates an enormous strength of character and an unmeasurable love of life. Being brave, conquering fears and coming out the other side shows how strong and independent a women is and we all know that men find such courageous women irresistible.

13) Respectful

Respect is a very important for the perfect girlfriend to have, according to men. Respect is the foundation and bedrock of any good, solid relationship. Men don’t want a girlfriend who’ll go and gossip about their relationship to her girlfriends after having a major dispute, no, men want someone who is able to respect the boundaries of their relationship. Respect is mutual and it applies to everything, opinions, pastimes and everything in between.

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14) Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is such a valued trait for men, because it shows them just how loved and treasured they are. Guys everywhere dream of finding thoughtful and considerate girlfriends who are really serious about looking to the future and fully investing themselves into a relationship. A girl who regularly shows her partner how much they mean to her and who enthusiastically talks about future plans is perfect girlfriend material.

15) Passionate

Passionate women are very attractive to men. Men love having someone by their side who can talk about their favorite pastime or sport for hours on end. Men don’t particularly mind what their partner is passionate about, it could be painting, travelling or even knitting, what is important for guys is that their number one sidekick is driven and genuinely interested by something. Having a favorite pastime is also a great way to bind you together even more.

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

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