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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Total PDA Haters

Public display of affection or PDA as it’s more commonly known is a subject that completely divides the 12 zodiac signs. Certain zodiac signs find kissing in public, hugging and even holding hands to be seriously cute. Although certain other star signs really can’t stand PDA and will do absolutely anything to avoid it. What about your zodiac sign? Do you hate PDA or are you all for showing your love and feelings?

PDA is always very divisive, especially where the zodiac signs are concerned. PDA requires a level of openness and outright romance, which not all of the zodiac signs have. The most unromantic zodiac signs definitely have the hardest time getting lost in the moment and demonstrating exactly how they feel about someone in public.

PDA: 5 zodiac signs can’t stand it!

The more romantically inclined star signs don’t give PDA a second thought. They are proud to show off their feelings for their partners, whereas others really can’t bring themselves to engage in it. We’ve taken a look at each horoscope signs and have identified the 5 zodiac signs that hate PDA. Here’s a heads-up for you, these 5 zodiacs would prefer to the Earth to swallow them up rather than kiss their partner in public…

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1) Taurus

PDA dodger

Taurus is one of the most traditional and conservative zodiac signs which explains why Taurus has such a hard time with PDA. Kissing or even holding hands in public is Taurus’ worst nightmare because this star sign hates drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

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2) Cancer

Secret affection lover

Cancer is definitely one of the most romantic zodiac signs, although that doesn’t mean that Cancer likes to get affectionate in public. Behind closed doors Cancer is very affectionate and loving, although in public it’s a totally different story.

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3) Virgo

Has no time for PDA

Virgo is one of the most intelligent zodiac signs and likes to put on a dignified display in all circumstances. This particular zodiac sign struggles showing their emotions and gets really awkward in romantic situations which is why they avoid PDA.

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4) Leo

Leo says no to PDA

If you are dating a Leo, you can forget PDA right away. Leo is one of the proudest zodiac signs and always likes to give off a good first impression which is why they’ll never engage in PDA. Leo loves commanding attention but paradoxically hates people looking at them and judging.

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5) Aquarius

Aquarius despises PDA

Aquarius is one of biggest commitment phobic zodiac signs out there which naturally means they hate PDA. Aquarius hates breaking down their walls and letting people in and does anything in their power to avoid susceptible PDA situations.

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