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Top 3 Outdoorsy And Nature Loving Zodiac Signs

Some people practically live for the outdoors. They say there’s more meaning to life when immersed in nature. But getting in touch with Mother Nature isn’t for the faint of heart. Bugs, unpredictable weather, and sleeping outside are common reasons people say they hate camping. Which 3 zodiacs are the most outdoorsy and love being at one with nature?

Which zodiac signs love nature?

There are 3 zodiac signs who would rather be foraging in the forest than living under a roof! Summer is here, so are you practically a wild animal? Find out below!


Known for their endurance and long-term focus, Capricorns’ have what it takes to sustain themselves in nature for days. This sign likes being challenged and doesn’t shy away from having to solve unexpected dilemmas. As a child, a Capricorn always played outdoors, preferring to use sticks or dirt rather than the toys their parents had bought them. Many Capricorn were Girl/Boy Scouts in their youth.

At work, a Capricorn uses their survival skills creatively when needed. They may find a nifty method to solving a difficult corporate problem.  In love, a Capricorn knowingly seeks others who partake in outdoorsy hobbies such as camping.

Sporty zodiacs


When this sign wants to denounce lying and cheating at work or in their relationship, they seek nature as refuge. It’s not uncommon for a Scorpio to unpredictably wake up, decide to not show up where they’re expected, and instead take a long walk near a body of water. Being a Water element often has them close to lakes, oceans, or creeks.

Their favorite outdoor hobby is fishing, because it allows them time to think in silence.

A Scorpio’s secretive nature leads them to have hideaways that only they know about. This might be a cabin in the woods or a rock in the forest where they go to sit alone.

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Sporty zodiacs


This is the confident zodiac who thinks nothing is wrong when the water supply is low. A Sagittarius is optimistic that they can find a solution to every problem. They will stop at nothing to prove it to everyone!

Their favorite outdoor activity is climbing, because they like to see everything below them as if they’re the most powerful being in the world. They like scaling trees, mountains, or anything taller than them! Being on top is their way to unwind and let go of stress

When it comes to working in a team in nature, a Sagittarius may tend to think that they can do responsibilities such a collecting water, rationing food, and starting fires on their own, but don’t let this sign control everything! Everyone needs help once in a while!

Sporty zodiacs

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