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12 Things To Know Before Getting Into An Open Relationship

When we think about open relationships, our minds are often flooded with negative preconceptions of what being in one actually means and the consequences it can have on a relationship. Open relationships are often based on elements that go way deeper than just sex and attraction and they can in fact help spice up your relationship with your partner.

Heard a lot about open relationships? We’re here to set the record straight! This is the 21st century and relationships have evolved and have left behind the conventional forms we used to know. Lots of people are in open relationships, but that's not to say they don't have rules. 

Are you thinking about getting in an open relationship? We reveal what you need to know before taking this life-changing decision.

What are open relationships?

Open relationships can englobe a multitude of things, but the fundamentally they are based on an agreement between partners that sexual relations with other people are permitted.

Things can get complicated

Open relationships are without doubt the most complicated type relationship out there, which is why talking with your heart is really important if you are striving for love success.

Jealousy can crop up at any moment

No matter how many times you try to convince yourself that you are not a jealous person, at some point or another jealousy is bound to creep into your relationship and will make you face your hidden feelings.

Same page?

Being on the same page as your partner is essential if you want your open relationship to work you have to know what you both want and under what context.

Ground rules are important

Talking ground rules isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll ever do but trust us, knowing what is acceptable and what isn’t is the key to making things work.

Communication is key

Being open and honest about your feelings, emotions and what you want really will strengthen your relationship and trust.

Feelings can develop

Before getting into an open relationship, being aware that you could develop feelings for other people is really important. Developing feelings for another sexual partner is a real possibility in an open relationship.

Expect the unexpected

Open relationships are exciting and can present us with a whole bunch of surprises, including feelings, raw emotions and jealousy. Going into an open relationship it’s important to prepare yourself and your partner for every eventuality.

Marriage isn’t impossible

Open relationships are often plagued with negative connotations, which lead people to believe that marriage isn’t possible in an open relationship. In fact, studies have found that around 15% of married people are in an open relationship.

Reciprocity is essential

Open relationships are all about balance and reciprocity, the rules have to be the same for both partners.

Be prepared to make changes

Before getting into an open relationship, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility of making changes to what you initially agreed with your partner. Adaption to what you are both comfortable with is vital.

It will be tough

Open relationships can be hard work and will involve lots of ecstatic highs and serious lows.


It will be an amazingly fun experience!

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