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10 Things You NEED To Know Before Getting Into An Open Relationship

Whilst the rules can differ, an open relationship means that you and your partner agree that it’s ok for you to see (or sleep with) other people. But before getting into it, you need to be mentally ready, as it’s not always easy! Here are our top tips and advice that you need to hear before deciding to open up your relationship!

Being in an open relationship sounds like fun, but what about the jealousy? And all the rules to consider?

Open relationship advice!

Before you make this big agreement, you need to know these 10 things!

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Make sure you’re stable and ready

Open relationships take emotional strength and your relationship needs to be stable enough to handle it!

Make sure you BOTH want to do it

Don’t be persuaded by your partner to open up your relationship if you don’t feel comfortable deep down. Equally, don’t force them to either!

Get ready to tackle jealousy

Are you ready to see your guy going off on a date with someone else? Are you ok with knowing that someone else is touching him? Make sure you’re ready to fight back any feelings of jealousy!

Set SPECIFIC rules

Spend the time to sit down and agree on a set of rules for what’s acceptable and what’s not- and don’t be afraid to get into the nitty gritty of the specifics!

Talk about who’s off limits

It can be a good idea to make a list of no-go people who you can sleep with. This might include colleagues, mutual friends etc…

No double standards

Make sure that you both stick to the rules! What applies to one person should also apply to the other!

Don’t use it as an alternative to breaking up

If you feel like you’re opening up your relationship as a way to avoid breaking up, that’s not good! Either address the problems or face it and call it off!

Don’t be afraid to say your relationship status

Only get into an open relationship if you’re willing to tell your external partners before you engage in anything. After all, it’s only fair for them to know what they’re getting into!

Be honest and open

Just broken a rule and slept with a mutual friend? Started getting feelings of jealousy? Don’t hide it until it becomes a problem- tell them! Honestly is essential in this kind of relationship.

Have fun!

If you deal with it right, being in an open relationship is fun and exciting, so enjoy it!

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