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If Your Man Does These 15 Things, Congratulations He’s An Old-School Gent

Being with an old-school gentleman is something to be proud of. Having respect for women and being open about feelings and love is rare nowadays, which is why old-fashioned values should be celebrated. Being in a relationship with a classic gentleman doesn’t mean you are old-fashioned, but that you have struck lucky and found someone who will love you and treat you amazingly no matter what.

Ladies, we have all dreamed of falling in love with the classic gent from every rom-com we’ve ever watched, right? Old-school gentlemen are real pearls and are increasingly hard to find in our modern society. An old-school gentleman is the kind of guy who takes the best of the past and innovates himself to fit modern-day values.

Is your man a true gent?

Perhaps you have already found him and don’t even know it! Is your partner an old-school gent? And are you compatible with one?

Constantly tells you you’re beautiful

If you are with a guy who compliments you every day and makes you feel like a million bucks, then congratulations because you have definitely bagged yourself an old-school romantic.

Holds doors for you

Ah! The classic example of good old-school chivalry, which in reality never ever gets old in our eyes, right ladies?

Organizes weekly date nights

If you are lucky enough to be with a guy who loves taking you out and organizing romantic soirées, then you have found yourself a winner!

Kisses your forehead

We all grew up watching old Hollywood classics where the handsome man always greeted his special lady friend with a sumptuous kiss on the forehead. What could be more classically romantic?

He treats women well

Finding a guy that treats women with the respect they deserve is rare nowadays. If you are with someone who listens to you and respects your opinion, don’t let them go.

Succeed in love!

He appreciates you

Being loved and appreciated for everything you do and all the efforts you make isn’t very common nowadays, yet back in the day all the true gents were at it.

He calls when he says he will

A real gentleman always calls when he says he will and will never leave you hanging. Sticking to his word is one of the main traits of a classic chivalrous gent.

He writes you cute love letters

What is more romantic than your man writing you a cute love letter, expressing just how special you are to him! Take us back to the ‘50s!

He doesn’t play games

A gentleman never plays games and is always straight up honest when he dates. Playing around with someone else’s feelings just isn’t for him.

He’s into cute PDA

The classic old-school gentlemen wants everyone to know how much he loves you, so will never say no to a little PDA.

He gives you his jacket when it’s cold

It’s the stuff of classic rom-coms that us girls just love. If you man is always willing to give you his jacket whenever you’re cold then what more can you ask for?

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He makes sure you get home okay

That caring and thoughtful side is something so pure and really does come from a loving place. If this describes your man, then he really is the perfect gent.

He respects your opinions

Having a guy in your life who listens to you, respects your opinions and really takes onboard your thoughts and comments is second to none.

He doesn’t curse

Being with someone who doesn’t curse is a real blessing and is a sign that your man is a true gentlemen and one you can’t afford to lose at that!

He’s open about his feelings

Ladies, we have all dreamed of being whisked off our feet by a gorgeous gent who is open with his feelings and able to profess his love openly. If this sounds like your man then congratulations!

Will your relationship last?

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