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How To Get Over Your Ex: 15 Obvious Signs You’re Not Over Them

Break ups are never easy and everyone handles them differently. Some people get over their ex partners really quickly, whereas others just can't move on afterwards. But what about you, have you figured out how to get over your ex? Do you miss your ex? If you can relate to these 15 signs, it looks like you're still hung up on him...

Are you still hung up on your ex and want to find a way to move on with your life? Moving on from a relationship can be hard, but that's why we're here! We want to help you learn how to move on from your ex!

How to get over your ex and not look back! 

Break ups are never fun and getting over someone who was so special to you can feel like an up hill battle. From looking over old photos to constant crying, here's how to tell if you're not over your ex...

How to get over your ex in 5 steps:

Forget about your ex about look to the future and happy relationships!

  1. Accept the situation and don't dwell on things.
  2. Let go of everything including memories and photos.
  3. Stop thinking 'what if'.
  4. Get outside and meet new people.
  5. Forgive and open your heart again!


Replaying conversations and scenes of you and your ex in happier times means you clearly still miss them. 

You send teary voicemails

If you are still sending teary, drunken, I want you back type voicemails to your ex man, then you are definitely not over him. The same goes if he is still among your speed dial contacts.

Social media stalking

Obsessively stalking your ex partner’s social media profile is a clear sign you haven’t yet moved on from your relationship. Even if your ex seems to be having the time of his life on social media, it’s probably not the case.

Mutual friend interrogation

Firing hundreds of questions about your ex man at your mutual friends won’t help you move on and find a more positive mindset. Being hung up on who your ex is dating and what he’s doing means you're still a bit in love with him.

Men’s fashion boutique

Oversized t-shirts and sweats are in this season, but keeping your ex’s clothes is totally out! If you aren’t ready to let go off your man’s stuff, then you are emotionally hanging onto him.

Nostalgic photos

Flicking through old photo albums and reminiscing about the good old times you spent together is proof you are not over him.

You still love him

No matter how hard you try to forget about him and move on, your love for him just won’t go away.

You’re not you

You feel different but not necessarily in a good way, like you have lost half of your previous self.

Pessimistic attitude

When you think of your future, you don’t feel excited, in fact you feel terrified at the thought of being alone and having to make important decisions.

Ben & Jerry’s stock

Your freezer is full of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough, which gets demolished on a regular basis in front of a tear-jerking rom com.

Tears, tears, tears

You try your hardest to hold back the tears, but somehow they just escape and at times for no apparent reason.

Constantly on your mind

Wherever you go and whatever you do, there is always something or someone that reminds you of him. You just can’t get him out of your head.

What if?

You keep asking yourself this pesky little question. ‘What if I had done things differently, would he still want to be with me?’

Dating scares you

Dating someone else really freaks you out and really doesn’t excite you, you would literally rather do anything else.

You bring him up on dates

When you finally decide to date someone new, all you do is compare them to your ex and talk about him!

‘I’m fine’

If the Ross Geller effect has hit you and you keep telling everyone you’re fine even though deep down you’re not, then you definitely aren’t over your ex.

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