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How Do You Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied? Here Are 20 Obvious Signs

Your child might not always tell you they're being bullied. So it's often up to the parents to spot the signs of them being unhappy at school. If you spot any of these signs from your child, it might be time to intervene. Is your child being bullied and harassed at school? How do you know your child is being bullied? We reveal the signs to look out for.

School problems can really get to your child and affect their confidence. Being bullied is hard to deal with and needs to be addressed right away! Is your child being bullied at school? Do you have suspicions that your child is being picked on and going through a hard time at school?

Bullying: Signs a child is being bullied

Kids don't always feel comfortable telling their parents when they are being bullied and certainly don't always ask for help, which means you need to be able to recognize the signs your child is being bullied.

The telltale clues

Parents want nothing more than to protect their children from harm. Here are the signs things are escalating

Your kid is a loner

If your child is acting detached from things that once brought them joy, it might because they don’t know who to turn to for help, so they turn in on themselves instead.

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Ask them without assuming it was an accident. You only really know for sure when you ask.

Doesn’t want to bring lunch

It’s the classic “they took my lunch money” concept, but believe the narrative. This really does happen.

Lashes out

You might wonder where all their aggression has come from. It’s your child’s way of asking for help.

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Is secretive about their day

As soon as you ask questions, they have vague answers or redirect the conversation.

Doesn’t sleep

Been noticing dark circles under your kid’s eyes? They might be agonizing about school the next day because of a bully.

Or eat

Changes in appetite are normal for kids who are overly stressed.

Poor grades

Their poor performance at school could be a result of bullying.

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Possessions go missing

If your child is coming up with unfathomable situations to explain why their toys got lost, you might want to think twice.

Unnaturally emotional

Your child has trouble expressing their feelings because what they’re going through at school is slowly messing with their psyche.

Unable to communicate

When you ask them about the situation, they can't articulate it. Words can’t explain how they feel. Consider setting up a meeting with the guidance counselor or their teacher.

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Fears going to school

Living in constant anxiety about the next day at school is a sure sign bullying is happening.

Lies about being sick

If you’ve had to pick your kid up from school on multiple occasions under the guise of them being “sick,” investigate the situation further.

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Teacher reaches out

Well, if their teacher has contacted you, it’s time to go to the school and deal with the situation.

Seems eager to fight

Their instinct is to fight because children need an outlet, sometimes a punching bag, to channel their aggression and to express their frustration.

Is protective over their phone

For children who have phones, they might be victims of cyberbullying if you notice them being weirdly protective over their technology.

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Child migraines

Painful headaches in children could be because of the stress they are under from bullies at school.

Cleverly comes up with excuses

When you ask them about the situation, they can resort to defending the bully and thinking it's their fault. 

No interests

Children should be lively and inquisitive. If nothing interests your child anymore, it's time to wonder why

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Spends loads of time in their room

If you never see them after school because they’re holed up in their room, you should ask more questions.

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