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Players Take Note, Here Are 12 Things Nice Guys Don’t Do In Relationships

You have no doubt already heard the expression ‘nice guys always finish last’, right? Well we disagree and think that dating a genuine nice guy is something really special. Being in a relationship with a nice guy means you don’t have to ask yourself is he genuine or a player, because when you date a nice guy, you’ll know straightaway that he’s a keeper.

Dating a player will only ever end in heartbreak and tears. We all know that when it comes to relationships, the attitude of person you are dating has a big influence on the outcome and success of your relationship.

Signs he’s a genuinely good guy

Are you dating a genuinely nice guy or a player? Check out the ultimate 12 things a nice guy will never ever do in a relationship and then judge for yourself. You never know, if you decide he’s a genuine nice guy, you might even want to look for signs he is good to marry!


We bet cheating popped into your head first, right? Well, it’s totally normal, because after all, good guys that are potential marriage material don’t cheat on their partners. A nice guy will never betray your trust, you can count on that!


Spinning a web of lies to cover up the ugly truth is something that really can’t be associated with a nice guy. Nice guys are open and honest in relationships and even if the truth is painful, they prefer to be truthful than lie.


You’ll never hear a nice guy criticize your hairstyle or your outfit, certainly not, because good guys will only ever shower their partners with praise and compliments to let them know how beautiful they are.

Close up

A nice guy will never clam up and leave you feeling bad about anything. The secret to success in any relationship is open and honest communication and nice guys definitely know that!

Keep secrets

Keeping secrets of any form in a relationship is a total recipe for love disaster and really is the quickest and most effective way to welcome distrust into a relationship. Luckily nice guys aren’t into keeping secrets from their partners.

Be unsupportive

A good boyfriend will always be your biggest cheerleader and supporter in whatever you decide to do. Having a supportive partner in all circumstances is a real luxury and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Sleep on an argument

Going to bed without kissing and making up after an argument is one of the quickest ways to open the door up to resentment in a relationship, although the great news is, nice guys are all about resolving disputes quickly.

Invade your privacy

Even when you’re in a relationship, it’s important to respect each other’s boundaries and not to overstep them. Overstepping boundaries will only result in pushing your partner away, but hey that’s not to be expected with a nice guy.

Belittle you

Making you feel bad about yourself and laughing at you isn’t something that nice guys do in relationships. No, nice guys are way more considerate of their partner’s feelings and want to help build up their confidence.

Avoid important discussions

Avoiding important conversations is one of the most prominent traits of a bad boyfriend and really doesn’t help relationships evolve.

Force you into anything

If you don’t want to go to dinner with that couple you really can’t stand, then guess what? A nice guy boyfriend isn’t going to force you into going; in fact he will even cover for you.

Ignore your opinions

Having your opinions valued and respected in a relationship is one of the key to love success, because everyone needs to feel listened to after all.


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