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Annoying And Totally Relatable Mother-In-Law Problems

Ah, the classic awkward mother-in-law relationship...If you’re not one of the lucky ones, it’s likely that you don’t always see eye to eye with your husband’s mother. Controlling, rude, overprotective, the list goes on, right? If you have a difficult mother-in-law, we bet you can relate to these classic problems. But don't worry, we've got some top tips for how to deal with them too!

When you married your husband, little did you know that you were practically marrying his mother too! Mother-in-laws just love to get involved in their son's relationship, it's just how it is. Marriage wasn't always going to be a walk in the park was it?

Does my mother-in-law hate me?

Here are some totally relatable signs that your MIL is not your biggest fan, and even some tips on how to diffuse the tension.

No invite for you!

Excluding you from family events is a major sign that she doesn’t want you in their family. Not being invited to family gatherings like Sunday dinners or games nights is a classic evil mother-in-law move.

The silent treatment

If you are lucky enough to go to a family event, you pretty much feel invisible when you're there! She makes no effort to talk to you or include you in conversation.

Lack of interest

She never asks about your life or what you’ve up to. It’s likely that she probably does want to know all about your future plans and where you went to college, to see if you’re ‘good enough’ for her precious son. But showing interest would indicate that she likes you, which is not her motive! 

Ex this, ex that...

It can be hard enough to hear your partner talk about their ex, but to have their mother constantly talk about how amazing they were and how much the family misses them…it's not easy!

You'll never be good enough

Snide comments about your education, upbringing and family history are typical of judgemental mother-in-laws. Even if you went to Harvard and are now a top lawyer, you feel like you'll just never be good enough for her son. What a way to knock a girl's self-confidence...

She’s ALWAYS right

There is an unwritten rule that whatever she says is always right, and that means you are always wrong. This is goes for anything from politics to how to cook a chicken…Her way is the right way.

She doesn’t make an effort with your family

You’re making all this effort with their family, so why can’t she get along with yours? You’ve tried to join the two sides together but to no avail. This is a sure sign she doesn’t want to get to know you...

She makes you doubt yourself

All these questions and snide comments can make you leave a conversation with her feeling half the size you were when you arrived. That's the mysterious power of mother-in-laws...

Give it time

It may take time for the MIL to warm to you. Just because things are a bit frosty at first, don't completely give up on her. She may just need some time to adjust to the fact that her son is all grown up and married! Try to see things from her perspective.

Consider your husband’s feelings

Try to remember that this is just as hard, if not harder for your husband. He probably feels stuck in the middle between you both, so even if you have to put on a false smile, try to be nice to her if not for yourself, but for him!

Try to see the best in her

She may have a harsh, critical front, but this is probably just because she’s nervous and protective of her son- it’s a natural mother’s instinct! Try to break down her wall and bring out her emotional side. This may take some hard work, but you know what, she’s probably a big softy at heart!

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