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12 Girls Talk About The Most Romantic Thing That’s Ever Been Done For Them

Who said romance is dead? Because it most certainly isn’t! What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? 12 Girls open their hearts and reveal the most romantic and loving things their partners have ever done for them and trust us when we say, there are some seriously adorable guys out there. Romance really does make the world go round.

We’re feeling a little romantic and wanted to share the love by revealing the most romantic things that boyfriends have done for their loves. Everyone loves a good fairytale romance and a happy ending, but no fictional love story can compare to a real life love story.

The most romantic things ever!

Are you in a long-term relationship, if so how does your boyfriend measure up on the romance scale? Don’t you love it when your partner surprises you with a gorgeous bubble bath and bottle of wine after a long day at work? No one can deny that it’s nice to feel appreciated and love, especially when you least expect it.

We talked to 12 women and asked them to reveal the most romantic thing their partners had ever done for them.

Surprise mini-break

‘Ryan is the most romantic partner ever, but his ultimate act of romance was taking me on a surprise mini-break to the mountains for the weekend. The setting was so perfect with the cute log cabin and all, I loved every minute of our time there.’ – Kirsten, 35.

Beautiful love story

‘For our second anniversary Matt wrote me a love story with us as the main characters! The story ended with us getting married and as I read the last paragraph, it was at that moment that he got down on one knee and proposed!’ – Clara, 31.

Movie maker

‘Leon and I agreed to have quiet night in a few months back and instead of our normal move night, he actually surprised me with a movie he had made, complete with all of our happiest moments and best photos.’ – Corinne, 37.

Picnic at sunset

‘A beautiful picnic at sunset on the beach organized by the most perfect man ever was definitely the most romantic thing that has ever been done for me. Everything about it was so dreamy and unforgettable.’ – Tia, 34.

Star spotting

‘My husband James and I love being outside to gaze up at the stars. A few weeks ago James took me to the most gorgeous spot in town for a great view of the stars. Being all cuddled up together in our blankets was just the cutest thing ever.’ – Jenna, 32.

Spontaneous singing

‘I love musicals and all things singing and dancing, so when Mike burst into my favorite song and asked me to marry him, let’s just say I was totally blown away. His thoughtful singing is for sure my most romantic moment.’ – Carrie, 35.

Perfect night in!

‘I was going through a really tough time at work a while back and really needed to switch off from everything, that was when Dale stepped in and planned the most relaxing and rejuvenating night in for us! It doesn’t sound like much but it meant so much to me’. – Lacey, 32.

Amazing kiss in the rain

‘This may sound a little cheesy but my most romantic moment was when Brad my boyfriend and I were out around time and suddenly a huge storm came over us and the raining pouring down. It may not sound very romantic until I get to the part where he pulled me in for an electric kiss. – Jennifer, 34.

Surprise visit

‘I’ve been with Brett for over 6 years, but when we first started dating we lived in different states and only got to see each other on occasions which was hard. One weekend however, he turned up out of the blue at my apartment and we had the most awesome weekend ever’. – Carly, 32.

Remaking our first date

‘Picnicking in the park and reliving our first date, but with better food this time around was an absolute dream. Kieran had the best idea ever!’ – Gemma, 31.

Amazing brunch

‘A delicious brunch made from scratch by my gorgeous hubby, who had also filled our kitchen with hundreds of flowers is by far the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.’ - Stacey, 33.

Rooftop dinner

‘Taking in the magnificent views of the city, with a glass of champagne and amazing company made for a night I will never forget! I have to give it to Adam, he had a fantastic idea.’ – Fiona, 34.

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