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The Luckiest Zodiac Signs: How Lucky Are You?

We all know that one person whose luck never seems to runs out. They often find money on the floor, always win board games and have the perfect job. Well, have you ever considered whether luck is linked to their Zodiac Sign?! Each Zodiac is lucky to some degree in its own way, find out in what area of life you are lucky in our list of the Luckiest Star signs.

Sometimes it can feel like the universe is against you, on those days where it seems that luck is isn’t on your side. Perhaps, however, you are looking at the wrong areas of your life and forgetting to count your blessings in other areas. Not sure where to look? Don’t fret it, as we’re to show you how and in what way you’re zodiac sign is lucky!

The Luckiest Zodiac Star Signs

Career success, an active love life … The stars give certain zodiacs a helping hand. Is your zodiac one of the lucky ones. Find out now with us in our list of the luckiest star signs! Is today your lucky day? Your horoscope reveals what kind of day it will be!

Aries: Lucky at work

You’re lucky in both your personal life and at work. Doors keep on opening for in your career but you make sure that you don't let work take over your personal life. You take on any challenge with success!

Taurus: Lucky in love

Lady luck helps you in out in the love and finance departments. You are fortunate to have no pressing issues in your love life and money is not a cause for concern.  As a result, your relationships are stable and well-balanced because your zodiac is lucky in love!

Gemini: Lucky in friendship

 You have a lot of luck when it comes to both games and friendship, you can always count on your friends. In a sense, Geminis make their own luck in this department as they are so naturally sociable anyways.

Cancer: Family luck

Love is on your side regarding familial relationships. Not bad, as family is what we hold dearest! Whilst you might wish to be lucky with something like money instead, remember: Money doesn't buy happiness but family definitely can make it.

Leo: Lucky in relationships

You’re often happily in love. Passion and intensity are present in your relationships. Your partner doesn't question your loyalty and you ought to have no reason to question their's.

Virgo: Successful in education

Luck helps you out when its about studying. Your effort and involvement are well rewarded, perhaps better than they ought to be. You can get away with skimming over some information and still get top grades!

Libra: Lucky star in love

Luck is with you in love, as a result of your preference for beauty, both inside and out. Due to your commitment to the relationship and your tendency towards balance, you should never find your relationships out of equilibrium.

Scorpio: Lucky with money

With your legendary intuition, luck is on your side financially. Despite the fact that your high levels of perception and your intelligent zodiac sign usually protect you from bad investments, your intuition saves you once one eventually slips through the nets. 

Sagittarius: Gambles always pay off

You are an all-rounder when it comes to luck, not excelling in specific areas - apart from games. However, don't rely on your luck and forget to work on your strategies as you could be come a force of nature with the two combined 

Capricorn: Lucky at work

You are lucky in your career. This gives you confidence to make more proactive moves at work and make progress easily. Even though your luck isn't at risk of ending, opportunities may become more difficult to spot with time.

Aquarius: Always lucky

Luck is with you when it comes to games and also changes in your life. Take as many risks as possible, as change often equals improvements in your life. Your genereal life experience is positive!

Pisces: Lucky dater

Your amount of luck depends on the encounters you make. Unlike the other zodiacs, you play an active role in creating your luck. Life will provide you with plenty of opportunities, it's up to you to go and grab them by the neck.


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