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15 Must-Know, Essential Dating Tips For Women (Given By Men)

Ladies, we’re sure you’d agree that the world of dating can be confusing and stressful! So, to solve some of our dating worries and problems, we asked a group of guys for their top dating tips and advice. We’ve got all your dating woes covered! Dating can be a daunting process for many of us out there, that’s why we’ve compiled the top dating tips for women which were actually given by men.

Dating can be a tricky business. What should I wear? Where should we meet up? What should we talk about? Who should pay? Should I call him back after? These are the kinds of questions that spin around our heads before, during and even after a date. With so many questions about dating, we've had to turn to men for some expert advice. 

Dating advice for women (by men)

Ladies, listen up! We spoke to 15 guys to find out what they actually expect and want when dating. Get your pen and paper ready, because you're going to want to take notes! Here are the best dating tips from menso make your dates a success and follow their advice.

Know your limits

'Ladies, when dating be sure not to go overboard when it comes to ordering alcohol. No man wants to spend his evening with someone who’s had one too many glasses of rosé, so keep drinking to a minimum and conservation and flirting to a maximum.'

Zach, 35.

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Don’t overdo things

'Dating is about getting to know someone as well as having fun, and when I say getting to know someone, I mean the real them, not the try hard version. When it comes to makeup, keep things simple and let your natural beauty shine through.'

- Rob, 39.

Take things slow

'When it comes to conversation on dates, people can get a little ahead of themselves and want to reveal everything right away. Desires to get married and start a family are great, but save them for way after the first few dates.'

- Isaac, 29.

Split the check

'Collecting the check at the end of a date is always one of the most awkward parts and no one really seems to know what to do about it, do you pay half each or does the guy pick up the check? Splitting the check 50:50 is always much appreciated!'

- Lucas, 31.

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Avoid oversharing

'Getting the conversation to flow is awesome, however, guys definitely don’t want to hear about how you’ve recently fallen out with one of our coworkers and how you can no longer bare to look at her, for me this kind of catty behavior is a real mood killer.'

- Daniel, 27.

Don’t go for a salad!

'Well, order a salad if you really want one, but if all you have been thinking about for days is a juicy burger, indulge yourself, we won’t judge you. Men judging women about what they eat is a total myth, so order your fries with pride.'

- Christopher, 37.

Confidence is key

'Having killer confidence is not always easy, don’t let that shine through on a date. Men find confident women who are comfortable in their skin very sexy, so ladies, even if you have hundreds of complexes, put them out of your head when on dates.'

- Jordan, 32.

Chewing etiquette

'If a date is going really well, the conversation is flowing and you are bouncing off of one another, don’t forget that you are still on a date and let your excitement get the better of you. When you are enjoying your food, close your mouth and pause your conversation, don't talk with your mouth full!'

- Liam, 29.

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Be upfront

'Once you’ve been on a couple of dates and you feel as if you can see a future with your date, be honest and let them know exactly how you feel. Take the bull by the horns and express yourself, guys will love you taking the lead.'

- Shaun, 31.

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Let’s get physical

'Being touchy feely on a date is a great way of reassuring your date that everything is going just fine, so he can stop freaking out! Guys love it when ladies break the ice with a few sweet caresses.'

- Antony, 34.

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Tick tock

'If you want to make a good impression on a guy, you need to show up on time for your date. Contrary to what we see in movies, showing up 20 minutes late for a date isn’t endearing, it’s totally rude, so make an effort to get there on time.'

- Mike, 30.

Banned subjects

'There are a quite a few subjects that no guy wants to address in the early stages of dating and the main one is past relationships. Ladies, guys don’t want to hear about your ex partners, they want to get to know you in a positive atmosphere.'

- Chris, 26.

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Keep things lighthearted

'Don’t hold back on showing off your silly side whilst dating; men love women with a sense of humor, so if you have any cheesy jokes that you would typically hold back, knock yourself out!'

- Jon, 33.

Be proactive

'If you are feeling your date, why not really get to grips with the situation and suggest another date afterwards perhaps in a more relaxed atmosphere? The same goes for texting after the date, don’t wait for days to reply to our messages if you like us.'

- Alex, 25.

Be mysterious

'I think it’s safe to say that no guy can resist the temptation of a little mystery in their lives, we just find it all so sexy and intriguing. An air of mystery will drive us wild, so use that information wisely.'

- Adrian, 34.

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