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30 Proven Ways To Attract The Man Of Your Dreams

Rules of attraction are super complicated to understand, luckily for you, we're here! If you want to attract the man of your dreams, but don't know how to, we have the solution for you, all you need to do is unlock the master seductress inside of you! If you want a guy to fall for you, just follow your tips.

Become irresistible and get a man to fall for you!

Become a total temptress

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Little miss smarty pants

We’re sure you’ve read before that if you want to interest a man, it’s best to play down your intelligence and even act dumb around him, well we disagree! Being cultured and smart is super sexy, trust us men can’t get enough of clued-up, sophisticated ladies!


Talk about your goals with passion and desire will have any man wishing he was yours! Whether you dream of travelling or getting back in to education, talk about your future aspirations with pride.

Have fun

Laugh hard and just have fun, after all you only have one life, so you may as well make the most of it! Let your hair down and tell all of your cheesy jokes if you feel like it; showing you have a sense of humor is seriously sexy.

Take care of your appearance

Contrary to legends of seduction, guys don’t just fall for beautiful, modelesque girls with legs for days and perfect teeth, hair and skin! However, guys find polished and well-put together women simply gorgeous.

Dress to impress

Looks and beauty aren’t everything and most guys would be the first to admit they are no fashionistas, however, what they can appreciate is a girl who takes care of herself and who isn’t shy about showing off her curves, tastefully that is!

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Speak your mind

Speaking your mind does a great deal in the way of making you completely irresistible. Guys love it when women affirm their opinions and let their passion and intelligence shine through. Hey, if we constantly agreed with each other life would be boring!

Be enthusiastic

To get a man to instantly fall for you, you need to just how much you love life and let your enthusiasm and passion shine through! Being enthusiastic will make you a pleasure to be around; like us, men find positive attitudes darn sexy!

Be adventurous

In order for guys to fall for a girl, they need to see and sense a spark of adventure in your personality! Most guys are naturally very adventurous and love excitement and they need to see that in their partners, so awaken the Jane in you and you’ll land your very own Tarzan!

Dare to be different

Dare to be you, be real and forget about trying to be someone else. You are beautiful and amazing just as you are, so don’t hide your eccentric habits because you think you’ll be seen as weird, guys are in fact very intrigued by quirkiness and love it when a girl is real!

Be bubbly

Laughing, being bubbly and acting as if you don’t have a care in the world is so attractive, trust us when we say men love carefree and fun-loving women! To become really sexy in a man’s eyes, crank up the fun factor.

Friends and family

Believe it or not, guys love it when women talk about their friends and family, so don’t hold back on talking about how much your brothers and sisters mean to you. Knowing how important your loved ones are to you makes you marriage material in a man’s eyes, as well as super sexy!


Being honest and frank are qualities that guys really love, let’s face it, guys nowadays are sick of playing games when it comes to love, they want to know where they stand. Letting a guy know you are interested is like music to his ears, trust us, he’ll find your boldness really hot.

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For a guy to fall for you, you need to introduce some flirty behavior to your seduction game. Guys love being fawned over and a few sultry but casual caresses will send him to seventh heaven, he’ll fall for you there and then!


Yes, guys love to play the superhero when it comes to girls but, they also like to know that women can stand on their own feet! There is possibly nothing sexier for a guy than a strong, independent women, who can support herself.


Contrary to what many think, guys too like to be complimented and told just how handsome they are. Guys love it when women openly compliment them and are sincere about what they say. Next time you are with the guy you like, compliment him, he’ll love it!

Strength of character

There’s no denying it, guys are attracted to strong women who are capable of overcoming their fears and accomplishing things. Demonstrating your strength of character will have any man fall for you right away.

Forward thinking

Being serious about the future and knowing what you want from your life and from a relationship makes you completely irresistible to guys. Girls who know themselves are seriously hot, right guys?

Be sweet

Being sweet doesn’t mean you’ll end up being walked all over by a man, guys is in fact find sweet girls very endearing. Let’s face it, no guy wants to be with a mean girl, so ignore the ‘act mean to keep them keen’ advice and just be your adorable self.

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Let him take the lead

Although guys may not admit it, they love taking the lead when it comes to dating and relationships, so make sure you let guys use their initiative and by simply going with the flow, you’ll have them falling in love with you.

Be cool

One of the biggest general turnoffs for guys out there is controlling behavior, so take that on board and just be cool and easy-going. After all, no one likes to justify themselves every time they go out with their friends.

Be nurturing

Guys love being nurtured, it’s just a fact of life, so what are you waiting for? Embrace your nurturing side! Men find girls who are caring and kind very attractive; they definitely don’t want a bad girl!


If you want a guy to fall for you, you have to let him know that he can trust you completely. He needs to feel safe with you, know you’ll never judge him and know that he can confide in you. Trust is the way to a man’s heart.


Being open-minded really is one of the essential keys to winning your man’s heart. Ideally, guys want someone by their side who is open to anything and is able to keep up with him, being closed-minded will kill immediately kill any sparks between you.


No one can resist a little sexiness, so be sure to give it your all. Don’t be afraid to show some skin, this way at least you can rest assured your man won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

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Confidence is the key to getting guys to notice you and is one of the essential steps in getting them to fall for you. The next time you are around the man you want, hold you head up high and be sure to exude self-assurance and more importantly, love yourself for him to love you.

Be a friend

If your goal is for your man to fall for you and all you want is a relationship with him, you need to start off as his friend. Have fun with him, take part in activities he loves and listen and advise him when need be. He’ll quickly want things to progress to the next level.

Eye contact

Eye contact really is sensual and we simply cannot emphasize how important it is in getting someone to fall for you. Eye contact and body language are seriously powerful tools when it comes to the seduction game, so don’t be afraid to unearth your sexy side.

Hold your own

The days of men wanting women to agree with everything they say are long gone, so be proud to stand your own when you don’t agree. Women with strong opinions are loved by men, the truth is they find them completely irresistible.

Be supportive

Being there for your crush when he is feeling down will have him falling for you instantly! Men too need support and to know that there is always someone there to listen to them when they are down and faced with problems. Don’t hold back on lending him your shoulder!


Men find women who are secure enough in themselves to accord their partners freedom really sexy! The last thing any guy wants is someone dictating to them what they can and can’t do. Showing that you are secure in yourself and love freedom is one of the hottest things for men!

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