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Men Decoded: 20 Things Guys Say And What They Really Mean

Understanding guys and actually figuring out what they really mean can be a complicated task. Guys are often painted as being the more direct and straightforward sex, but is that really true? We think that guys are sometimes guilty of not being totally frank in what they say, so we've done the hard work for you and decoded some of their most confusing phrases!

Let’s be honest men and women are totally different, which is why they each come from different planets. At some points it may even seem like we are speaking two different languages. Understanding men can be challenging for the most intuitive amongst us, and to make matters worse, men often sugarcoat the truth.

Things guys say and what they really mean! 

Do you find men as confusing as we do? Well don't worry, here's the decoding dictionary to understanding what guys actually mean. Discover the truth behind some of these classic one-liners.

Relationship status

When he says – ‘I’m pretty much single’.

He means – ‘I’m actually married with three kids and a dog’.

Food dilemma

When he says – ‘Is it okay if we split the bill?’

He means – ‘I don’t plan on seeing you again, so pay your half!’

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Call me maybe

When he says – ‘I’ll call you’.

He means – ‘I’m going to pretend to lose my phone’.

Weekend plans

When he says – ‘Do you mind if we watch sports this weekend?’

He means – ‘I’m watching sports all weekend regardless of what she thinks’.


When he says – ‘You’re such a good friend’.

He means – ‘I know you’re really into me, but I don’t feel the same way about you’.

Relationship history

When he asks – ‘When was your last relationship?’

He means – ‘Are you a crazy cat lady?

Break up blues

When he says – ‘I’m getting over a nasty break up’.

He means – ‘I’m not looking to get into a serious relationship, I just want to have fun’.

Let's talk about feelings

When he says – ‘My parents really like you’.

He means – ‘I’m totally falling for you’.

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Past relationship woes

When he says – ‘My last relationship, ah it’s a long story’.

He means – ‘I don’t really want to explain everything to you because you’ll think I’m a bad guy’.


When he says – ‘Can we talk about this later?’

He means – ‘Please stop talking!’

Keep the peace

When he says – ‘Yes, you’re totally right’.

He means – ‘I don’t want to argue with you anymore, please can we stop?’


When he says – ‘That’s cool’.

He means – ‘I really don’t care what you’re talking about’.

How do I look?

When he says – ‘You look fine’.

He means – ‘You really do look okay, so can we go now?’

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Ha ha ha!

When he says – ‘I was joking, don’t get upset about it’.

He means – ‘I wasn’t joking and really misjudged the situation’.

Beauty drama

When he says – ‘You look better without makeup’

He means – ‘I like you with and without, but we’re running late so don’t apply any!’.

That famous one liner

When he says – ‘I need some space’.

He means – ‘I want to break up’.

Busy busy

When he says – ‘I can’t see you tonight, I’m working late’.

He means – ‘I’m trying to avoid you’.

We've all heard this

When he says – ‘It’s not you, it’s me’.

He means – ‘It really is you but I don’t want any drama’.

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Social media problems

When he says – ‘I don’t see the point in changing my relationship status on social media’.

He means – ‘I don’t want other girls to know I’m with you. I still want to play the field’.

Make love not war

When he says – ‘It’s all my fault, sorry’.

He means – ‘It isn’t my fault at all, but I don’t want to fight’.

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