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Royal Family Affair: A Look At Meghan Markle’s Family Craziest Antics

We all know that the media can at times blow things out of proportion when it comes to the private lives of celebrities, but where Meghan Markle’s family is concerned the stories and scoops seem totally justified. Ever since Meghan's engagement to Prince Harry in November 2017, the newly named Duchess of Sussex’s family has been a constant source of media controversy and have raised many eyebrows around the globe.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's unforgettable royal wedding has been and gone. Watched on TV by over 2 billion people, the wedding of the year went off without a hitch despite Meghan's slightly exuberant family. Meghan Markle's family have been hitting the headlines for months for one bizarre reason after another

Meghan Markle's family dramas!

Meghan Markle's family have not stopped their jealous attacks in the build up to the wedding, so now the nuptials are over, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at the most cringeworthy moments the Markle family has served up over the past few months. After all, it's better to laugh than cry, right?

Sister act

Samantha Grant; Meghan’s half-sister revealed in April 2017 that she was in the process of writing a book entitled ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister’. Let the embarrassment commence!

Putting pen to paper

Upon hearing the revelation, people naturally assumed that the book would divulge plenty of secrets that Meghan would like kept from the world’s media.

Book backlash

Following the drama caused by the literary project, Grant made an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and revealed that the book’s focus was actually based on the struggles Meghan had faced due to her race.

Samantha Grant’s hissy fit

Meghan’s half-sister has certainly been the most outspoken member of the Markle clan and has even taken to Twitter to criticize Meghan and her intentions on several occasions. Let’s not forget the time she called out Prince Harry for not being invited to the Royal Wedding.


According to US Magazine, the two sisters have actually been estranged for years and were thought to have stopped speaking over 10 years ago!

The half-brother

Thomas Markle Jr; Meghan’s half-brother was also left of the exclusive wedding guest list and he also let the world know about it!

Media sensation

Thomas Markle Jr has featured in several magazines and tabloid papers ever since Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry.

When Thomas wrote to Prince Harry

At the beginning of May, Thomas Markle Jr penned an open letter to Prince Harry trying to convince him not to marry Meghan; whom he regards as a ‘jaded, shallow and conceited woman’.

Sibling jealousy

Thomas’ letter also warned Prince Harry that Meghan would make a joke of Harry’s royal heritage.

A surprising U-turn

Later on, Thomas Markle Jr decided to reach out to Meghan in another open letter, but this time it was to beg her for an invite to the wedding.

Welcome the cousins!

Thomas Markle Jr’s son (Meghan’s nephew), Tyler Dooley was splashed all over the front pages of the British media for growing a new variety of cannabis known as ‘Meghan Sparkle’ in honor of his aunt.

Mysterious trip to London

Tyler Dooley; Meghan’s nephew accompanied by his mother and brother made the trip to the UK a few days before the Royal Wedding despite the fact they weren’t actually invited.

Knife drama

Tyler Dooley broke headlines again when he was caught by security trying to get into a club with a knife in London.

Royal wedding correspondents

Although the Markle family hadn’t been invited to the wedding, they had in fact been signed up as special commentators for the big day by ITV’s Good Morning Britain.


None of the family had actually had any contact with Meghan for years.

Dad drama

Not to be outshone by his relatives, Thomas Markle; Meghan’s Dad actually pulled out of the wedding at the last minute due to undergoing a heart operation.

Dad controversy

The news of Meghan’s Dad being unable to fly and walk her down the aisle came out after it was revealed he had been paid to take paparazzi photos.

Conspicuous photos

Thomas Markle’s paparazzi pics staged different photos of him trying on his so-called wedding suit, reading up on the UK and checking out photos of Meghan and Harry together.

Money maker

It eventually came to light that Thomas Markle had been paid around $130,000 for the photos.

Samantha Grant to the rescue

When the story about the photos broke, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Grant tweeted that it was all her idea and that Thomas Markle had just gone along with it.

R.S.V.P ‘No’

In the days leading up to his daughter’s big day, Thomas Markle decided that he wouldn’t be able to attend the ceremony.

Family drama

Meghan’s Dad pulling out of the ceremony means that Prince Harry; his now son-in-law still hasn't met him!

Despite the drama

Everything worked out perfectly on the happy couple’s big day, but the question as to whether we’ll hear from Meghan’s family again remains unanswered.

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