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Is He The One? 10 Signs That Your Relationship Was MEANT To Be!

Wondering if your relationship is set to last? Have you met your soulmate? Will you spend the rest of your lives together? If you can relate to these 10 things then congrats, it looks like you and your man were destined to be together!

Is your love written in the stars? 

From making each other laugh to getting through arguments, there are certain signs that you and your partner are in it for the long-term!

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You can be yourself

You know it was meant to be if you can completely relax and be yourself around him.

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You can tell him EVERYTHING

You’ve definitely met your soulmate if you can tell him all your hopes, fears and problems, and he’ll really listen!

You can’t imagine life without him

When you picture the future, he’s a big part of it!

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You’ve made it through some rough patches

Every couple argues, but it shows that you’ve found The One if you can work through them and come out stronger!

Silence isn’t awkward

If you can comfortably sit in silence sometimes, you were definitely meant to be!

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You trust him 100%

Jealousy simply doesn’t exist in your relationship!

Your eyes never wander

It shows you’ve found your soulmate when it doesn’t even cross your mind to look at other guys.

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Exes? What exes?

You know you guys are destined for each other when exes aren’t in the picture at all, and you don’t even think twice about them.

You get on with each other’s family and friends

Getting on with the in-laws can be hard, so if you’re lucky enough to get on, it must have meant to be!

You inspire each other

A couple that is built to last will push each other to achieve their goals, no matter what.

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