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Spice Up Your Marriage: 20 Ideas For Keeping the Spark Alive

Like most things in life, marriage quickly falls into the trap of becoming a routine. Wish you still felt that excitement and passion as you did at the start? How do I bring the spark back into my relationship? Try these 20 tips to keep the 'wow' factor alive!

It's all too easy to fall into a boring routine with your spouse. But here's how you can keep that spark alive! 

How do I keep the romance alive?

Are you wondering how can I be more romantic with my wife or husband? Well, we have some amazing ideas for you!

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Keep that spark alive

All is not lost! Here's how to liven up a marriage that's fallen into a boring routine...

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Leave a secret note

Write something sweet or steamy and slip it into their purse/wallet.

Plan a trip together

Aspire to make a memory that will last. Whether it’s an extravagant trip or not, the preparation will be exciting and keep you both on your toes.

Do it without having been asked

Think ahead of your partner’s needs and surprise them. You’ll bask in the glory and the gesture goes a long way.

Have a conversation before falling asleep

You might be surprised to know how much this makes a difference. Falling asleep knowing what’s on your partner’s mind keeps the communication open and reinforces intimacy.

Don’t be so critical

Being nitpicky about your partner’s faults is more than just annoying, it’s killing your intimacy.

Facing difficult life decisions?

Shake up your routine

Instead of eating in like you always do, why not go out? Or how about surprising your spouse with a dinner reservation?

Read the same book or share online articles

Having similar intellectual interests stimulates insightful conversation and healthy banter.

Cuddle as much as possible

Snuggling up to your partner after a long day is a way to show them you need them. People want to feel needed.

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But also keep personal hygiene in check

If you’ve gotten too comfortable and have started leaving the door open to the bathroom, it’s a sign the spark is fading…Leaving certain things a mystery isn’t bad either…

Don’t be a slob

No one wants to come home to mounds of clothes on the floor. Pick up after yourself so you and your spouse won’t feel cluttered. The focus will return to the relationship.

Come home with one positive thing to say

No one likes hearing their partner retell every horrible aspect of their day at work. Instead, come home with a bit of positivity.

Make time for sex

This doesn’t necessarily have to be forced, but be sure to leave enough time for intimacy. A lot of couples look over this aspect in the relationship because they’re so concerned with work, kids, or bills. Keep the sex alive.

Have couples’ night

Dining out with your friends gives your marriage time to breathe. Putting all the focus on you and your spouse is exhausting, so call up your friends for a double date!

Don’t talk about work too much

This is the first intimacy killer. If your partner is thinking about seducing you, how will they have the chance if you’re complaining about work all the time?

Have a shared goal

Paint a room in your house together. Build a greenhouse. Doing house renovations can create a sense of accomplishment and celebration in the marriage.

Take your lazy days outside

You won’t believe how a breath of fresh air changes the dynamic.

What’s happening next?

Hold hands in public

Showing a little PDA is a simple way to show your loved one that you care about them no matter where you are.

Know how to say, “I’m sorry”

If you did something that upset your spouse, take your pride and throw it out the window. Sometimes all the marriage needs is for one person to admit when they’re wrong.

Never speak poorly of your spouse to others

If you’re saying negative things about your spouse to friends, then that kind of negative thinking is unknowingly going to creep into the household. Don’t let this happen, it’s not only a bad habit, but a poor reflection of character.

Have your own hobbies

If you’re running out of things to talk about, that’s a sign you need your own hobbies or interests to keep the conversation fresh.

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