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20 Reasons We Love March!

After months of snowstorms, torrential rain and freezing weather, March is finally here which means spring time is fast approaching for many of us. March is truly a month like no other and has so much to offer, so come along with us and leave the icy winds behind in search of gentle rays of sunlight. Check out our 20 top reasons to love the month of March.

Hello Spring!

Yes, spring is finally on its way and the cold weather that we have been subjected to for what now seems like an eternity will soon be a thing of the past. Say hello to sunshine, vitamin D and longer, fuller days!


Lent is now officially here which means if we are good and manage to stick to our pre-Lent fasting promises, we’ll be rewarded with lots of chocolate eggs! We don’t know about you, but we’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17th can’t come fast enough for some people. Yes, Saint Patrick’s Day is the occasion for millions of people all around the world to celebrate their heritage all whilst enjoying typical Irish festivities and having an awesome time.

Closet shakeup

With the warmer weather on the way, we think March is the perfect time to do an activity that everyone loves; change up your closet! We’re not suggesting you go on a shopping spree or anything (but if you want to, why not?). What we mean is that you should start putting your sweaters away and breaking out your shorts.

One step closer!

The start of the spring means we are now one step closer to the main event of the year…summer! We sure love spring but let’s be honest, we adore summer, so roll on summer and the sunshine.

Spring cleaning

Decluttering your home and organizing your living and workspace is one of spring’s ground rules. We know not everyone loves cleaning but, doing some serious spring cleaning with leave you feeling more productive, healthier and happier, so what are you waiting for?

Outdoor activities

Winter and its cold weather have had us all confined to our homes which meant activities with our little angels consisted of playing board games around the table. Now the sunshine is on its way, we can now venture outside and start releasing all that stored up energy.

Women’s History Month

The month of March is dedicated to remembering and reflecting on all the contributions women have made to our society, especially in terms of equality. March is the perfect reason to celebrate girl power over the years.

Food glorious food

How could we talk about the top reasons we love March without mentioning the beginning of the barbecue season?! Those extra rays of sunshine are like a signal for people everywhere to invite people over and fire up their barbecues for a real tasty feast!


Spring is synonymous with happiness and joy and hey, why wouldn’t it be? The longer days, the warmer temperatures, the sun and the freshness of spring never fail to pick our moods up. Spring is simply bliss!

The beauty of nature

March is the period in which animals awake from long months of hibernation. The start of spring coincides with many species of birds starting to polish their vocal cords, which is just sweet music to our ears.

Blooming flowers

March is a trigger for gorgeous flowers to bloom and show us their true beauty. Flowers popping up everywhere adds a touch of joy and a splash of color to our days and we just love it!


Love them or hate them, no one can deny that it feels really good to kick off your heavy winter boots and give your feet some well-deserved respite in your flip-flops. Ah, we can feel the comfort now!

Fresh starts

The beginning of March and spring represent fresh starts for us in every sense of the word. Perhaps you’ve totally given up on your New Year’s Resolution, if so, why not give it another shot? Take a look at your lifestyle too, is there anything you’d like to change? Be brave, make the change!


Are you sick of the gym and having sweat ridden machines? Well, you can kiss goodbye to the fragrant gym odor and head outside to workout. A little evening jog when the sun is setting sounds like a great idea to us.

Bye bye illnesses

The turning over of the calendar to March officially means the cold and flu season is officially over, which is in theory is great news, expect for those with allergies! Winter related illnesses are now a thing of the past, well, until next year that is.

Love is in the air

March is a great time for couples to get a little more romantic and imaginative with their dates. The warmth of March’s evenings make the setting perfect for a romantic evening stroll to watch the sun set.


There is just something in the air that makes you think anything is possible in March. The month of March rejuvenates us and is definitely a great motivator for you to become more active and enthusiastic about your plans for the future.

Vacation time

March is the start of the preparation period for summer, which means it’s the best time to start looking for summer vacation plans and getaways! What more can you ask for, gorgeous sunshine and even more to come?!

For the love of pets

Our pets are just like us, they love being outside and able to run free, and if we add a little sunshine to the equation they'll be even happier! March is the perfect time for outdoor adventures with your pets.

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