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How To (Subtly) Give Your Man A Makeover!

No matter how attractive your boyfriend is, sometimes you can’t help but think that there’s room for improvement. Is he in dire need of a haircut? Is his fashion sense stuck in the year you met? Ladies, it’s time to take action!

Makeover time! 

Feel like your man needs a fashion update, but don't want to hurt his feelings? Here’s how subtly give your man the makeover they need.

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Build his confidence

Build his confidence by flattering him with compliments about his positive traits. Got great hair but needs a new wardrobe? Tell him how good his hair is before you even start on the clothes! This will make him more willing to get on board! 

Point out inspiration

Whenever you're out together, don’t hold back from pointing out other men as a sort of inspiration. A comment like ‘isn’t that man’s shirt so on trend!’ will make him think about his own style. At the end of the day, he'll want to impress you!

Sutble hints around the home

Oh, you just happened to leave that men’s fashion magazine lying around on the coffee table? 

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Make every trip a shopping trip

If you’re out for lunch together, why go somewhere in the mall or on a street where you know there’s plenty of clothes shops? He’s more likely to update his wardrobe if you’re near the shops anyway!

Remind him of the past

Used to love his hair when you first met? Dig out old photos of him at this time and tell him how great it was! This will subconsciously get him thinking about a trip to the hairdressers…

Shower him with gifts

If he won’t take your suggestions when you go shopping, the only solution is to buy him things yourself. And you don’t have to wait for birthdays and Christmas, just surprise him with a new moisturizer or a shirt that he would never dream of buying himself. 

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Get his friends involved

If his friends are more fashion-forward than him, it could be time to get them on board! Try and get them to make some subtle hints too.

Join him!

If you think his skincare needs a boost, arrange a romantic spa weekend for you both! That way he’ll be more inclined get involved.

Do it yourself!

If he refuses to go to a salon, pluck his unruly eyebrows yourself! He will feel much more comfortable in his own home.

Remember that looks aren’t everything…

Although it can be fun to give your guy a makeover, make sure you don’t push it too far and make him feel insecure. If you really love him, it should be because of his personality!

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