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These 11 Things Will Make-Or-Break Your New Relationship

Every new relationship goes through certain moments that can make or break your future together. From the first kiss to meeting their parents, the success of these events is a real deal-breaker. If you can get over these hurdles, you can survive anything!

There are certain situations that can really put a relationshipto the test! Will you crumble, or make it out stronger? After all, nobody said love was easy...

Can your relationship go the distance?

Does your relationship have what it takes to stand the test of time and overcome life's obstcales? Relationships are all about ups and downs, but is yours strong enough to come out the other side and stronger than ever? Check out the main make or break moments of a relationship.

First kiss

Everyone remembers their first kiss! Was it full of passion and romance, or awkward and unpleasant? It’s your first moment of intimacy together, so think about whether you got that ‘spark’!

First argument

This is one of the biggest deal-breakers. Whatever it’s about, if you can get through your first argument without breaking up, it looks like you’re meant to last!

Meeting the parents

Of course it will take time to get to know your partner’s parents, but you can normally tell the vibes from the first time you meet them. If it's obvious they hate you from the start, things might be tricky in the long-run!

Meeting his friends

Someone’s friends can say a lot about them. Like the family, if you don’t get on, you might not last very long…

You reveal your true self

Only someone who really loves you will accept you for all your flaws and weird habits! Can you really deal with his annoying laugh? Does he accept you for your makeup-less self?

Money problems

Money makes the world go round, so it’s inevitable that you’ll face some kind of difficult financial situation together. This is when you’ll find out if they’re generous or a cheapskate!

First vacation

A week relaxing on the beach together may seem romantic, but in reality, being together 24/7 can reveal the cracks in your relationship!

An encounter with the ex

Sonner or later you’ll run into yours or his ex, and it’s bound to be awkward! Your reaction to them shows how much you trust them. If one of you gets unnecessarily jealous…are you really over them?

The first time you step out as a ‘couple’

The moment you attend a family event or a friend’s party and introduce him as your ‘boyfriend’ is a big deal! How well you both deal with this official status and telling the world, will say a lot about how committed you are.

Cooking for each other

You know the saying, too many cooks spoil the broth! Cooking together will reveal who’s the real control freak in the relationship!

Driving together

Like a holiday, a long car journey together may seem like a romantic idea. But if he keeps criticizing your driving and making it stressful, it can be a major turn-off!

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