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15 Things You Can Only Understand If You’re In A Long-Term Relationship

Being in a long-term relationship means you know your partner extremely well and absolutely nothing is off limits! We are sure you will agree, that as relationships evolve so does our confidence and when the mask finally drops, the dynamic between you and your love changes! All unions are amazing, but only people in long-term relationships will be able to understand these 15 things!

Long-term relationships are totally different to any other types of relationships, because both partners feel completely comfortable around each other and are totally invested. There comes a point in every long-term relationship where things just get a little weird; the level of weird that we’re talking about may seem completely normal to both you and your partner, but sometimes onlookers just don’t get it...

You are in a long-term relationship if you relate to…

Are you with your partner for the longrun? If so, you'll be able to relate to these 15 situations and might even be able to add some suggestions to the list! Love is beautiful and comes in many shapes and forms, which is why we need to celebrate it and have a giggle on the way. Not everyone has the same fortune, so discover which zodiac signs are luckiest in love.

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1) You both love staying in

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you and your SO probably kissed goodbye to partying hard every weekend a long time ago. Couples in long-term relationships love spending their weekends at home, with a takeout and a good movie.

2) Wearing your man’s clothes is totally acceptable

Gone are the days where you dressed up sexy and made a huge effort to look good. Now you’re all about sweat pants and wearing your man’s comfy sweaters, the relaxed look is the way forward.

3) Choosing what and where to eat never gets easier

Couples everywhere struggle when it comes to choosing where and what to eat, because let’s be honest we hate making decisions! ‘I don’t mind, you choose’ is always our go-to answer.

4) Celebrating your anniversary is important

No matter how many years go by, celebrating your anniversary never gets any less important, it is after all an amazing celebration of your love for each other.

5) Kissing never gets old

PDA may no longer be on the menu, but cute good morning and good night kisses are still equally as important as they were at the beginning of your love story. And, now you don’t need to worry about smudging your lipstick!

6) Solo time is necessary

One of the keys to a successful long-term relationship is being able to keep a healthy balance between time for your partner and ‘you time’. Having zodiac sign friends of your own who you can spend time with is crucial.

7) Nothing is ‘disgusting’

Between popping zits, sharing a towel, kissing with morning breath and examining your partner’s body parts, nothing creeps you out or disgusts you any longer. You’ve seen it all!

8) Valentine’s Day is just another day

When you first got together with your SO, Valentine’s Day was an occasion you celebrated, but as the years fly by, you realize that you don’t need it to be February 14th to proclaim your love.

9) You’re always on the same page

Whether it’s with a cheeky smile, a wink of the eye or just a quick look, you guys don’t need to verbally communicate, you just get each other and you’re always on the same page.

10) It’s okay to share beauty products

Although you might not want to admit it, but c’mon we know you share your moisturizing creams and even help each other apply it in the hard to reach places.

11) It’s okay to be weird around your SO

Spontaneously breaking out into a rendition of your favorite song and dance routine is totally acceptable in a long-term relationship. Your license to be weird has no end date.

12) Cooking fails aren’t real disasters

Remember back in the day when burning your partner’s favorite meal was your worst nightmare? Well, now the good news is you no longer feel the need to pretend you are a master chef, because he knows your culinary skills are limited.

13) Netflix and chill... no really!

Netflix and chill literally is just binge watching Netflix whilst chilling in your pajamas. The sexier meaning doesn’t necessarily apply to your relationship.

14) Pointing out each other’s flaws isn’t a big deal

Letting your partner know it really bugs you when he watches TV with the volume up way too loud is just not a big issue, because nothing can tear you apart.

15) Snuggling is great, but…

Retreating to your own side of the bed is even better, right?!

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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