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Undeniable Signs Your Long Distance Relationship Is On The Rocks

Long distance relationships are never simple but, are becoming more and more common thanks to the very real modernization of communication tools. Basically Skype is everything for anyone in a long distance relationship. Around 14 million people in the US have long distance loves, but many of those relationships often don’t go the distance, here are the signs to look out for.

Are you in a long distance relationship but think things are coming to an end between you and your partner?

Long distance relationship drama

Will my long distance relationship work out? We reveal all signs to look out for that your relationship is coming to an end!

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Signs you should walk away from your relationship

Talking has become a chore

Talking on the phone until the early hours of the morning used to be your thing. Talking was so easy back then and conversation flowed on for hours, but now things have changed and you talk less and less.

You are no longer making plans

Constantly making plans to see each other used to be your number one priority and you literally couldn’t go 2 weeks without setting a date. Now, however you can go weeks even months without seeing each other.

Is your relationship on the rocks?

Wandering eye

We are all guilty of checking other people out, even when we are in relationships. But, if you find you are now suddenly more attracted to other people than your current LD partner, then your relationship is basically over.

Conversations are awkward

You just don’t know what to say to each other anymore and if you are honest the small talk is becoming more and more tedious. If this is your case, then things are pretty much nearing the end for your relationship.

You have moved on

You have emotionally moved on and outgrown your partner which is why you no longer have many things in common and everything seems like such an effort. If this is your case, you have no doubt come to the end of the road.

Can your relationship be saved?

You are leading your own life

Living your life for you and not taking into account your LD partner’s opinion and feelings is a surefire sign things are almost over between you.

Your partner goes MIA

If your long distance love is often MIA, then you need to start asking yourself why and what they are doing to avoid getting your heart broken.

Your LD partner take ages to reply

Your partner taking ages to reply to your messages and calls isn’t a great sign that your relationship is very solid.

Is love in the air for you?

You sense your SO isn’t happy

You pick up on his negative vibe when he talks to you and when you ask him about it, he closes up and tells you not to worry.

He is full of excuses

‘I’m busy’, ‘I can’t that weekend’ are always on the tip of his tongue, he just never seems to have time for you.

You no longer feel special

Your long distance partner no longer makes you feel special like he did back in the day. You feel like so much has changed, but you just can’t put your finger on why.

Is your relationship solid?

Fights, fights, fights

When you do eventually talk to each other all you end up actually doing is fighting over little insignificant things.

New people in his life

If your long distance love suddenly seems to have a whole bunch of new people in his life that he constantly spends time with, things could be coming to an end for your relationship.

Has Cupid got his sights on you?

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