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10 Little White Lies That Are Actually Okay To Tell In A Relationship

Whether you have only been dating for a few weeks or you are in a long-term and committed relationship, our guide to thelittle white lies you can tell will be a complete lifesaver. We reveal how to avoid any awkwardness and ill-feelings in your romantic life. And as they say, a little white lie never hurt anyone!

Honesty is always the best policy in a healthy relationship and sharing your feelings, thoughts and desires is definitely the best attitude to adopt! But... that being said, little white lies aren't always damaging for your relationship.

Are you a little white liar?

Little white lies don't work for important things and definitely should be used for health, finances and feelings. Little white lies aren't serious betrayals of trust, so if you want a plain sailing relationship, make sure you follow our advice!

Price tags lies

A little white lie about how much you really paid for your gorgeous new pair of shoes or your latest party dress always goes down better than actually revealing the real price tag.

Pretty little liar

‘Beauty is pain’, this infamous little phrase couldn’t be any truer, although we’re not sure if it has been well-interpreted. Perhaps it was supposed to refer to the pain inflicted on your account when you go to the salon.

Real fashionista

Even if you hate your partner’s favorite jeans and shirt combo, act like you love it and life will be way more plain sailing.

Go team!

If you partner is a huge Yankees fan, yet you are crazy about the Red Sox, be attentive and remember to shout go team at every homerun and celebrate with your foam finger.

Mother-in-law love

Mother-in-laws aren’t always the easiest people to deal with, but embracing the love and acting like nothing bugs you really is the solution to a problem-free life.

Cooking appreciation

Stepping into the kitchen is a big deal for some people, so try and appreciate the effort your partner makes and tell them it’s great, even if it  really isn’t.

Best everything

Best kisser, best partner and best relationship! Even if it's not the case but you are very happy in your relationship, just go with it!

Ex talk

Playing down how amazingly good-looking your ex-partner is definitely the way to go to avoid any jealousy.

Dating history

If in the past you have casually dated one of your mutual friends, keep it to yourself; this way you’ll avoid any unnecessary awkwardness.

Getting ready

No one really wants to admit how long it takes them to get ready do they? So be sure to cut at least 15 minutes off!

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