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Be Wary Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, They Are Likely To Be Serial Killers...

While it’s something that most of us aren’t particularly conscious of, notions of murder and death permeate our day-to-day life. Children grow up playing video games where the principle aim of the game is to virtually kill another player. It’s not rare to hear someone say ‘You’re killing it’ in response to someone doing a good job. Discover the 3 zodiac signs who are the most likely to be serial killers!

With all these references to death quietly pervading society, we implicitly understand the gravity of death and it’s for this reason that they we joke about killing each other – it seems so unthinkable that everyone understands its metaphorical value. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who, often as a result of early experiences, lose sight of this understanding and go on to commit multiple murders. Discover the 6 zodiac signs who are most likely to get arrested.

Serial Killers: Watch out for these 3 zodiacs signs

The name we commonly assign to these out-of-touch people who commit continual murders is serial killers. Whenever a report of a serial killer catches national headlines, much investigation typically goes into the offender’s history and upbringing. One of the questions that seems to pop up the most frequently is: ‘What Zodiac sign were they?’ So, by taking a look at history most notorious serial killers and each zodiac sign personality, we’ve picked out the 3 signs most likely to be serial killers.

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"Dreamers of the Zodiac"

1. Pisces

Whilst the Pisces personality is known for its caring and nurturing nature, history has shown us that many of its most infamous serial killers have belonged to this zodiac. Notorious killers John Gacy and Richard Ramirez are only two among a whole host of Pisces to have been caught and convicted as serial killers. Perhaps this side of Pisces reveals itself when they don’t receive the necessary love and attention they require.

Critical and fatal perfectionists

2. Virgo

All it takes is a glance at the typical traits of the Virgo personality to understand why the zodiac comes in second on our list. Those born under this intelligent zodiac sign also tend to be organized, aloof and critical perfectionists – all traits that we’d typically associate with history most infamous mass murderers. With a total of 287 alleged murders between Virgo born killers Rodney Alcala and Henry Lee Lucas, this is a sign not to be overlooked.

Talked to death

3. Gemini

The sign known best for its dual personality, Gemini, is another zodiac which is home to one or two renowned killers such as David Berkowitz and Jeffery Dahmer. Best known for being a fickle and immature zodiac sign, Geminis have the perfect foil to go unsuspected and undetected. They are well-known for their talkative and charming natures which makes sense in this context, as serial killers often have sociopathic tendencies.

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I’m a Gemini and I was told that Gemini as the least dangerous zodiac :/ dAnG

When my three best friends are all Pisces

I’m a Pisces and people are just so scared of me for some reason. Some have shook when my name is mentioned. But I don’t recall doing anything wrong?

Wait my benchmate is a pisces

Ask any astrologer, It's not just the sun sign the angles, degrees, houses, aspects. It's premature to judge a person just base on one sun sign/ There are lots to consider.


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