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10 Struggles Only Left-Handed People Know

Here’s an interesting fact for you, only around 10% of the world’s population are lefties and here’s the best part, according to many studies, left-handers are actually smarter and have higher IQs than right-handers! But, lefties of the world will know that the left-handed life doesn’t come without its struggles; check out their daily problems that left-handers face here.

You can’t be a total genius and sail through life problem free, so check out the daily struggles left-handers face. International Left-Handers’ Day is probably one of the best days of the year for around 10% of the world’s population. Left-handers of the world, the time has come for you to celebrate your creativity and your strength that helps you overcome the very real struggle of being left handed.

Left-handers struggles!

Left-handers may have great zodiac sign intelligence but their existence isn't as straightforward as it could be. Left-handers are in complete minority and are often victim of living in a right-hander's world. Some of the world's most famous left-handers include Barack Obama and Bill Gates! If you're a left-hander, check out which problems you can definitely relate to.

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1) Failing to use right-handed desks

Left-handers of the world, think back to your school days and what sticks out most for you? Having to use right-handed desks and failing miserably!

2) Ink hands

Ink smudged hands are pretty much the bane of the left-handed people’s lives! Left-handers can forget about writing with fancy pens or anything relatively pretty, because it will all just finish in a big black smudge.

3) Scissor struggles

Scissors typically aren’t left-handed people friendly, which by the way can be very traumatizing as a child in school. Cutting up a simple piece of paper is like mission impossible.

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4) Music to our ears

Playing an instrument looks pretty straightforward, right? Wrong! Instruments traditionally favor right-handers and are seriously hard to play when they aren’t customized.

5) Bumping elbows

How can something as simple as eating dinner at a table with friends be so difficult? Well, trust us it can be! Dinner parties often become elbow bashing fests with right-handers!

6) Paying

Swiping our credit cards to pay for things is a real ordeal and often results in us lefties having to perform some rather acrobatic arm movements.

7) Opening food

Using a can opener is pretty much impossible for us lefties. Opening a can of food is a real struggle and demands a serious amount of skill and patience.

8) School struggles

We’re about to seriously throw you to back to your childhood fellow lefties of the world. So, let’s go back to all the years you spent bumping elbows in class with your right-handed neighbor and then having to adapt your position to put an end to the elbow war.

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9) Notepad nightmares

Jotting down some of our best ideas on a notepad is really complicated for us lefties out there. Although, we have found the slightly unconventional hack of flipping the notepad around to conserve everything.

10) Binder rings

Don’t even get us started on these! Writing on a notepad is hard enough but adding these into the mix just makes things nigh on impossible.

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