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15 Personality Traits Women Find Really Attractive In Men!

It’s fair to say that guys have certain personality traits qualities that have us girls falling head over heels for them, and no, we’re not just talking about their handsome looks and chiseled bodies, we’re thinking way deeper. We all agree that guys can be charming, but what qualities in particular make us attracted to me? Discover the top qualities that women find sexy in men, here.

It can sometimes be hard to explain why we find certain people sexy and attractive, but we think we've cracked it when it comes to what women find sexy and attractive about men! Here's a heads-up, you are in for a surprise if you think women are only attracted to handsome looks and six packs!

What qualities have us falling hard?

Guy have lots of amazing personality traits that really have people falling under their spells, but what is it that really attracts women? From fun loving and goofy to ambitious, which male personality traits are women unable to resist?


We’ve all heard the saying ‘chivalry is dead’, which may be the case for lots of guys out there, which explains why many women find it so enticing and attractive, because it really is so rare. Long live chivalry is what we say!


There’s nothing sexier and more genuine than a guy who is honest with an amazing moral compass. It’s fair to say women are over playing games, which is why they find men who are honest and straightforward so hot and so hard to resist!

Good manners

Good manners are like sweet music to a woman’s ears and play a big part in her falling for a guy. We may be in 2018, however most women still want someone charming and polite they can proudly take home to their parents.


Being caring is primordial for any girl to fall in love. Women only wanting bad boys is a little outdated, nowadays women want to be with caring guys who are attentive to their needs and who aren’t afraid to talk about their feelings.


Little acts of kindness can really melt a woman’s heart. Men and women alike adore being taken care of and treated like royalty. Even the smallest gestures like buying roses or making breakfast will have any women falling hard.

Being interested

Showing genuine interest in a women’s life and wanting to really get to know her from the get go is really something women treasure. Being interested makes women feel special and go weak at the knees!


Everyone knows that all women just love strong, go-getting and determined men; fearless ambition and motivation is a real turn-on for us girls. Women just love having a powerful man on their arm.

Good communication skills

Guys who are able to communicate with ease about their feelings and emotions are really sexy! Women have a hard time resisting men who are real and emotionally secure in who they are.

Good listener

Ladies, let’s admit it, we love chatting about anything and everything, but we love someone listening to us even more! In all seriousness, women love having someone there for them to listen to their problems and guide them through.


Both men and women alike find open-mindedness very sexy and even irresistible. Being with someone progressive and free thinking will be a really positive influence on anybody’s life and will probably mean your daily life will become a little less boring.

Being complimentary

Yes, women are strong, independent and fearless, however that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the odd compliment on our new dress or our new hairstyle. Let’s face it girls we love it when guys tell us how gorgeous we are!


Guys with inspiringly positive and motivating personalities are totally irresistible to most of us girls out there. Being in a relationship with someone who inspires you to become a better person is simply amazing!


Being dependable and faithful are perhaps the biggest reasons women fall head over heels for guys. In a sea of open relationships and apps which make dating as easy as 1,2,3, finding someone faithful really is a blessing for us girls.


Being generous and no, we aren’t talking about money or gifts, but rather with time and affection is a serious turn-on for us women out there. Successful relationships require lots of time investment, so a guy who is generous with his time is a real keeper and is very serious about you.

Fun loving

Guys with an amazing sense of humor and who just love having fun and goofing off are seriously sexy. We can at times take life a little too seriously and forget to laugh about things, however with a fun loving guy around life will seem like a breeze!

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