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Online Dating: The 20 BIGGEST Don'ts Of Internet Dating

Online dating plays a key part in the modern dating and relatiosnhip era! People of all ages are looking to meet their soulmates online and with so many success stories, love really is just a click away! You can find your perfect other half in no time, but not without having an impressive profile. Did you know, on average men only spend 58 seconds on a profile? So, are you aware of the 20 biggest Internet dating don'ts?

Dating websites are virtual heavens for meeting the partner you’ve been waiting for. Did you know, that 19% of women in 2017 actually met their spouses online thanks to Internet dating?! Which just highlights the importance of having a great online dating profile and avoiding the biggest online dating don'ts! 

Online dating mistakes you need to avoid! 

Give yourself the best chance of finding love online and check out our top virtual dating don'ts. Make your online dating profile seriously attractive to other daters. Here's what not to do when looking for love online! Discover the typical dating profile for each zodiac sign.

Revealing too much information

It can be tempting to reveal everything about yourself all at once, but giving away so much information so quickly can be intimidating to potential matches. Remember, being mysterious is super sexy.

Being someone you’re not

Having an online account gives us a sense of freedom which is great, however it can also be dangerous in the sense that daters create ‘personas’ and become virtual versions of who they want to be. Stay true to yourself daters!

Lying about your age

No matter how old or young we are for that matter, there are only very few people who are ever happy with how they look in photos, either their noses are too big or their hair is flat. The important thing is to upload a recent photo and to love yourself for you.

Photoshop fails

Opting for a recent photo of you is essential for a great, authentic profile and will definitely get you noticed! Just don’t give into the temptation of Photoshop. When Photoshop calls you, don’t pick up, embrace your natural beauty!

Awkward photos

Photos play a huge part in getting you noticed in the online dating world and if you are a frequent online dater, you’ll have remarked that almost everyone’s profile picture is them with an exotic animal. We think it’s time to be a little more original.

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Your profile isn’t your résumé

Jumping into the world of online dating can be daunting but the key to having an awesome profile is keeping in mind that things should be fun. Avoid falling into the trap of writing endless paragraphs about your job for example. Try to think a little out of the box, daters aren't recruters after all.

Going into things half-heartedly

Finding love anywhere is a big commitment, which means you need to take things seriously and give potential daters a real shot. Remember to never judge a book by its cover; people could really surprise you.

Following the crowd

Meeting someone you really like takes time and requires a lot of effort. If you are really serious about meeting someone special, then you owe it to yourself to create an awesome profile that really reflects your personality. Being real will help you find your perfect match and someone you are truly compatible with.

Hiding your intentions

Our lives are so hectic and people no longer have any time to waste, which is why they turned to online dating in the first place. Modern dating is about being open and honest about what you want and exactly what you are looking for.

Stalking people

One of the risks of online dating is the thrill we get from stalking people and spying on their profiles. Remember you aren’t a private detective, so you don’t need to stalk anyone. If somebody catches your eye online, don’t be shy, put yourself out there.

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Getting your hopes up

Although online dating is an amazing way to meet people but that doesn’t mean that finding love becomes easier just because millions of people are signed up. The important thing about online dating is to be realistic and not to get your hopes up too much.

Going overboard

Keeping your profile short, simple and concise will definitely make you stand out way more than paragraphs of useless information about your favorite childhood activities and where you grew up. Aim to be a little mysterious.

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Sending boring messages

Online dating means daters have endless choices of who they’d like to get to know, but with so many people signed up, competition is rife which means you have to stand out. Don’t blend in with the crowd and dare to be different when it comes to chatting with potential matches.

Being too picky

Online dating is exactly the same as regular dating in the sense that meeting someone when you have so many specifications is just almost impossible. You need to be open-minded too in the virtual world.

Being too self-absorbed

The same rule applies to online dating as with regular dating, to find someone you like and fall in love, you can’t be all about yourself. You need to make space in your life for your soulmate.

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People want to date you, not your friends

Coming back to photos again, for an eye-catching and authentic online dating profile, everything needs to be about you and how gorgeous you are. We know how much you love your friends, but people are looking to date you, not them.

Listing your desires

Don’t be tempted to make a list of adjectives describing the person you want on your profile. Most people have a type, but that doesn’t mean to say your ‘type' is right for you. Remember not to limit your options by being closedminded.

Sending winks!

Ladies and gentlemen, sending winks to show your interest in someone is a thing of the past. If someone catches your eye, don’t send an awkward winking face, send them an actual message making your interest clear.

Spelling errors

You may not be applying for a job with your profile, but trust us when we say, spelling and grammar are really important in the world of online dating. Lots of people admit to being turned off by bad spelling and grammar.


Avoid phrases like ‘I want to watch the sunset with someone’ or ‘I want to see the world with someone’. These clichés are cute but they’re not you and people want to get to get under the hood of the car.

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