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Attractiveness: 16 Simple Things That Make You Instantly More Attractive

Ladies everywhere know that it isn’t always easy to feel sexy and attractive, but we’re sure you’d all agree that being body-confident and loving yourself are essential. Nowadays, the fashion and beauty industry have instilled unrealistic perceptions of sexiness that are totally false. Sexiness and attractiveness aren't just about the way you look, they're also about the way you feel and act. Discover how to be attractive here!

Did you know about feeling good about yourself and your body actually makes you more attractive to other people? The more you love yourself, the more other people find you sexy. Attraction is so nuanced and is in fact a mixture of looks, personality and character, but there are universal ways to make yourself more attractive to other people.

How to become instantly more attractive

Being attractive and sexy isn't just about good looks, great teeth, skin and hair; to be attractive you need to develop your confidence and just be you. Here are 16 ways you can feel better about yourself and become more attractive.

You time

Take some time out of your busy day to do what YOU want to do, doing something that makes you feel good will have you feeling like a goddess. Whether it be spending some more time on your hair or makeup, have some you time!

Dare to do you

Taking up that hobby that you’ve always dreamed of will show you just how strong and determined of a person you are! Bravery is indeed very sexy, so go out there and be brave!

New look time

Refuel your inner sexiness by changing up your look. Why not dare to change your hair style and add a few highlights? Or change up your makeup routine and become a real femme fatale?

Dress up

The quickest solution to feeling sexy is reminding yourself that you have killer curves and assets, so what are you waiting for? Put them on show! A pretty skirt and top combination will do just the trick.

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Work out

The words sport and gym can be scary and the idea of sweating isn’t very enticing, that is until the endorphins start kicking in! Trust us, after a few sessions at the gym, you’ll feel more attractive than ever before.


Flirting really is the best kept secret to feeling sexy, so be brave and go for it! Flirt with anyone and everyone, from your barista to the new intern at work, you’ll no doubt be pleasantly surprised at the positive reactions you receive.

Head out

Get your best outfit on, head to a bar and just enjoy the fun atmosphere, and hey, if someone insists on showing an interest in you, just go with the flow. Be flirted with will do amazing things for your confidence levels.

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The secret to feeling sexy is definitely wearing gorgeous underwear. Awaken the gorgeous, sexy goddess in you and dress her appropriately; in super sexy underwear of course! Changing up your regular bra and panties will leave you feeling amazing.

Eye contact

It may sound a little odd, but maintaining eye contact when talking with someone will in fact convey an a strong air of confidence and make you feel sexy as hell! Yes ladies, confidence = sexiness.

Party time

Remember how sexy you felt when you hit the town every weekend with your girlfriends? That’s the feeling you need back in your life; so organize a girls night and get ready together and make sure you look your cutest.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Our next suggestion might sound a little silly, but it works! To feel sexy, you need to compliment yourself, so grab your mirror, start checking yourself out and tell yourself out loud what you like about yourself.

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New wardrobe

Sweats are one of the world’s best inventions, the comfort they offer is simply unreal, but they really are doing nothing to help you feel sexy! Throw your sweats out now and start showing off your figure and sexy curves!

Take control

Do you ever feel like life is just passing you by and that you can’t do anything about it? If this is the case for you, take control! There really is no sexier feeling than being in charge of your life and being on top of things.

Work it, girl!

Make life your catwalk and walk with confidence and poise, unleash your inner model and show the world just how fab you really are! A confident walk will exude sexiness and will definitely help you turn heads.

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Make the first move

Being sexy for yourself is great but being sexy and attractive to men is a total bonus. Do you know what men find super sexy? You making the first move and taking control of your feelings and the situation, so go for it!

Dance like nobody's watching

The ultimate sexiness can be achieved through learning to dance and putting your talents on show! Have you ever thought about taking a burlesque class? Trust us, you’ll feel like the sexiest woman on Earth learning the sultry moves.

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