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Ladies, Here’s How NOT To React To Being Cheated On

‘It’s not what you think!', 'I can explain everything!’ Ah, the classic excuses a man will give you for cheating. But let’s face it, there are NO excuses, right? But until it happens to you, how will you know how to react? Sad, angry, disgusted, or even annoyed at yourself? Here are 7 things that you should never do if he cheats on you...

Whether it was a one-night stand or more long-term, being cheated on sucks. Every couple deals with it differently, some can’t recover from it, but for others it makes them stronger than ever.

Forgive and forget? Or revenge...?

But whatever you do, try not to react in any of these ways…

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Act as if nothing happened

This is the easy option, but it’s impossible to keep up and will soon make things worse. You need to talk about what happened! People always cheat for a reason, most often because something is making them unhappy in the relationship, something which you might be able to easily address and move forward from!

Think that you could have prevented it

It’s easy to beat yourself up, thinking about what you could have done to stop it happening. Remember, nobody deserves to be cheated on! ! If you decide to give him a second chance, it’s better instead to think about what you can both do to make sure it never happens again.

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Think that you weren’t good enough

This is a toxic thought process to get into. People often cheat for their own personal reasons such as stress or dissatisfaction with their own life. Don’t let it bring your self-confidence down!

Take revenge

Your natural response to being cheated on might be anger, and you start plotting the ways that you can get back at your partner and the person they cheated with. This might seem like a good way to let out your feelings at the time, but trust us, you’ll soon regret anything stupid you do once the red mist has cleared!

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Bring it up every time you argue

The fact that you were cheated on doesn’t mean you should bring it up at every opportunity. If you’ve decided to stay with him, you have to try to push it to the back of your mind. We’re not saying you should ever forget what happened, but bringing it up when you’re arguing about something small is just petty!

Move on too quickly

Whilst you shouldn’t dwell on it too much, at the same time, don’t try to rush your feelings. The healing process will take time, and remind your partner about this too.

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Bottle up your feelings

Don’t be scared to go to something like a relationship therapist to talk about both of your feelings. After all, it’s their job! Or even just talk to your friends and family about how you’re coping, as they can sometimes give better advice than any therapist!

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