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10 Ways Guys Say 'I Love You' Without Saying A Word

Guys can be complicated creatures and they definitely express their love differently! They might not always say those three little words, but there are certain actions that convey the same meaning. From random surprises to sexy eye contact, if your man does these things then he really loves you!

Sometimes you don’t have to say the actual words to say ‘I love you’. When men are in love, they often express their feelings in different ways to women. The cliché has it that men aren't always very clear when it comes to putting into words how they feel about someone. 

How men show love...

Are you unsure if he is in love? We've done the hard work for you and have figured out the signs that he is crazy about you even if he doesn't say it! So here’s 10 alternative ways that guys can express their feelings for you. Here are the ways guys prove their without saying it!

He smiles after kissing you

Sure, a romantic kiss is great, but that little smile after it is the equivalent of ‘I love you’!

His friends like you

This is a real sign that you’re The One for him. If you have the seal of approval from the guys, it must be love!

He makes eye contact all the time

Even if you’re in a big group, he’ll find you and make eye contact with you, as his little way of saying he’s thinking about you!

He REALLY listens

You know a guy loves you if they listen to even your ridiculous ramblings, as well as your bigger problems and worries.

He randomly surprises you

If he randomly turns up at work to take you for lunch, or books a surprise weekend trip away, he really loves you!

He’s protective of you

That hand around your shoulder as you cross a busy road, or the way he backs you up if someone puts you down, are all a way of proving that he loves you.

He squeezes your hand

It may just be a little gesture, but this is a proven way to express love!

He remembers the little details

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like remembering how you take your coffee!

He calls or texts for no reason

Those little calls out of the blue asking how your day is going or a text goodnight are surefire ways to say that he loves you.

He talks about the future with you

Some guys can be terrified of commitment, so when a guy talks about your future plans together, that clearly says ‘I love you’!

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