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10 Ways To Make The Honeymoon Period Last Forever!

Feel like you're losing that passion and excitement you had in the honeymoon period of your relationship? Do you dream of reigniting the spark? Whether you’ve just fallen into bad habits or gotten too comfortable with each other, here are 10 ways to snap out of it and get back that honeymoon feeling!

Love is such a beautiful emotion being lucky enough to know this feeling is a gift. The start of relationships are always full of mad passion, however this often wears off pretty quickly. The honeymoon period is regarded as one of the most exciting stages of a relationship,  here's how to get it back.

10 Steps to getting the passion back

From organizing a date night to revisiting your old romantic spots, we’re here to help that honeymoon period of your relationship last forever!

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1) Schedule a date night

Set aside at least one night a week for a good old-fashioned date night. Go out for a meal, drinks or even the movies like you used to!

2) Make an effort to dress up

When you get comfortable with each other, it can be all too easy to just hang out in your sweats and no make-up. Dress up and make an extra effort now and again for your partner to keep the attraction alive!

3) Break out of the usual routine

Feel like your daily routine is stuck in a rut? Whether it’s just eating out for a change or playing a board game rather than watching TV at night, mix things up to keep you both from getting bored!

4) Surprise!

Why not surprise you partner after work with their favorite food? Or plan a surprise weekend away? Be spontaneous!

5) Spend some time apart

Established relationships often fall into the trap of being together 24/7. But remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so go spend a night with your girlfriends or your family now and then! 

6) A trip down memory lane

Dig out your old photos together or visit places that you used to go when you first started dating. Reminding yourselves of that intial passion will help bring it back!

7) Honeymoon round 2!

If you want to keep the honeymoon period alive, why not literally go on another honeymoon? Or book a romantic hotel closer to home. A change of scene may be just what you both need!

8) Start something new together

Take a step out of your comfort zones and start a new hobby or sport together. This will give you back that fun factor you had at the start of your relationship!

9) Physical contact

Remember when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Bring that honeymoon passion and lust back to your relationship!

10) Complement each other

When you first started dating, you were always complimenting each other, so why not start doing it again? It makes you both feel good!

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