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Honeymoon Destinations: 20 Original And Totally Magical Honeymoon Ideas

You’ve said your vows and celebrated with all your family and friends, now it’s time to take off on your honeymoon! Sure, the beaches are out there, but these 20 destinations would make it a vacation you'll never forget. Here are 20 ideas for a unique honeymoon destination ideas worth bragging about! Where should the happy couple head on honeymoon?

Now that you are happily married, it's time to start thinking about the honeymoon! Don't want the usual, cliché honeymoon? Well, these 20 stunning and unique honeymoon destinations are far from boring! Where will you choose?

Honeymoon destinations that will blow your mind!

You deserve an amazing post-wedding getaway and with other top 20 honeymoon destinations, you won't be disappointed. Where will you head off to on honeymoon?

An out of the ordinary Honeymoon

Keep clicking for all the inspiration you'll need for the honeymoon of your dreams! 

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Buddhist Temples in Hong Kong

For their stunning architecture and rich historical significance, Buddhist temples in Hong Kong will provoke lasting tranquility between you and your newlywed.

Safari in South Africa

Consider hitting the Kruger Park for days filled with game drives where you’ll have the chance to see the Big 5 (rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, and buffalo) outside your window, as well as partake in braais by night (South African barbeques). 

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National parks in America

See the classic locations such as Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, where you and your partner will be left awestruck by nature’s power.

Hot springs in Iceland

Some say that a dip in one of Iceland’s many hot springs brings luck and years of prolonged happiness to newly-weds. It’s up to you to decide!

Camping in California

For those looking for a low-key honeymoon, take your sleeping back and discover California’s cutting-edge camping scene.

Vespa rides in Italy

Cruising down cobblestone streets with your loved one happily holding on from behind…how much more romantic can it get?

Deep sea fishing in Florida

For the daring and sporty couple, try deep sea fishing in Florida’s waters for a thrilling honeymoon!

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Therapeutic lake swimming in Greece

Aqua-marine lakes bordered by quaint Greek towns where fish nibble your feet…this is the honeymoon to take for our Mediterranean inspired newlyweds.

Sand dune explorations in Namibia

Grab your sandals and sunscreen for a desert walk in Namibia, Africa. Here you’ll discover the secrets of the sand with your beloved.

Surfing in Australia

With some of the best waves to catch in the world, Australian waters are sure to please you and your adventurous partner for a beachy honeymoon sure to keep you guessing…watch out for the Great Whites!

Learn the Flamenco in Spain

These sultry moves will test your partner’s sensuality. Take a honeymoon to Spain for a truly memorable, fiery dance lesson.

Whale watching in Mexico

Along Mexican coasts, you’ll be taken out far into the ocean on a slim wooden boat for a chance to touch some of the gentlest whales in the world.

Circus in Shanghai

A hypnotizing display of classic Chinese outfits and aerobatic men and women performing optical illusions like you’ve never experienced before!

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Rainforests in South America

You and your newly-wed will want take a boat ride through the Amazon rainforest to discover all of the plant and animal life wonders.

Camel-back riding in Egypt

What better way to visit Egypt’s majestic pyramids than a thrilling ride atop a camel?

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Arcades in Japan

For the gamer newlyweds, book your trip to visit one of Japan’s top-notch arcades where you’ll be entertained for hours and hours with this fun! 

Cozy Canadian Cabin

If you’re going for a winter honeymoon, snuggle up with your newlywed next to the fire in a cabin in the middle of one of Canada’s quiet forests.

Amsterdam bike tour

Rent bikes for lovely canalside rides up and down the charming streets of Amsterdam.

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Pub crawls in Ireland

How about a convivial atmosphere with overflowing pints of Guinness after a day spent traversing the countryside?

Tropical Jamaican massage

For those who prefer a classic, tropical honeymoon, think about a Caribbean stay in Jamaica for a royal treatment.

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