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10 Things GUARANTEED To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit!

Feel like your lacking that Christmas spirit this year? With the stress of buying presents and organizing everything, it’s easy to feel like a Scrooge! Here's how to stop saying 'Bah Humbug' and get yourself back in the holiday spirit!

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

From Christmas music to decorating, these things are guaranteed to get you in the mood for all things festive!

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Reasons Why Christmas Is The BEST Time Of The Year

Turn up the Christmas music

It must be scientifically impossible to not feel Christmassy when you hear 'Last Christmas' or the sweet sounds of Michael Bublé!

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Binge watch Christmas movies

From 'It’s A Wonderful Life' to 'Elf', everyone has their favorite Christmas movie that will get you right in the festive mood!

Decorate the house

How can you possibly feel the holiday spirit without a Christmas tree and fairly lights draping from everything?

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Bring out the festive fashion!

Yes that’s right, ugly Christmas sweater season is here! You can’t help but feel Christmassy with a light-up snowman on sweater!

Avoid the crazy malls…

Nothing kills the Chirstmas spirit more than fighting your way through a hectic mall on a Saturday afternoon. Avoid!

…and go to local stores instead!

This is a much less stressful experience, and plus you’ll end up with much more special and personal gifts!

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All the Christmas food!

Turkey, cookies, mulled wine, candy canes…whatever your favorite holiday food is, it’ll be sure to get you in the mood!

Get the fire burning

Whether it’s real or electric, when it’s freezing cold outside, warming up by the fire with a hot chocolate is a surefire way to ignite your Christmas spirit!

Play in the snow

When we get older, we tend to see the snow more as an inconvenience than an excitement. Well now’s the time to release your inner child and have a snowball fight or go sledging!

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Spend time with your family

Being altogether and carrying out all your quirky traditions is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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