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Top 10 Influential Hispanics

You may not know it, but it's National Hispanic Heritage Month 2017! It’s a time to recognize and reflect on the amazing culture of Hispanic and Latin America! So to celebrate, we’ve round up 10 of the most famous and influencial Hispanic people in the world right now. From Shakira to Ricky Martin, there's perhaps more to these stars than you might think!

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

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Don’t deny it, we’ve all embarrassed ourselves belly-dancing to Shakira’s classic ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, one of the best-selling singles of the 2000s. She has countless Grammies and other awards to her name, as well as being the first woman to perform 3 times at the FIFA World Cup. A true Latin American icon!

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Jennifer Lopez

Singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer…is there anything she can’t do? Although born in The Bronx, New York, with parents from Puerto Rico, J-Lo is Hispanic though and though. Forbes has called her the ‘most powerful entertainer on the planet’, breaking racial barriers in the industry. That’s not even mentioning her style which has influencing the likes of Kim Kardashian. You go girl!

Bruno Mars

With 5 Grammys, 3 Brit Awards and an exhaustive list of hits, Bruno Mars is one of the most influential male singers right now. You can’t deny that his amazing stage presence and killer dance moves are a breath of fresh air in today’s charts. And who knew he was Hispanic?

Demi Lovato

We all knew Demi when she was an innocent Disney child star, but look at her now! Born in New Mexico, she has fought through personal struggles like depression and bulimia to not only carry on her acting and singing career, but also become an ambassador for mental health organizations and LBGT rights. Respect!

Selena Gomez

Like Demi, this Hispanic gal started her career on the Disney Channel. But since then she’s risen in the ranks not only as a singer and actress, but also became a UNICEF ambassador when she was just 17!

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Penelope Cruz

Hispanics don’t get more iconic than Penelope Cruz! As well as her countless films, the Madrid-born star has also modelled for top designers like L’Oréal and Ralph Lauren. She’s even worked with Mother Theresa in Uganda. This woman has done it all!

Enrique Iglesias

Also born in Madrid, this guy isn’t known as ‘The King of Latin Pop’ for nothing. He’s one of the most successful Hispanic artists ever, and you can be sure to hear his charming voice in dance clubs all over the world!

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Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is as iconic as it gets in terms of Hispanic singers. Born in Puerto Rico, he’s of course most famous for ‘Livin' La Vida Loca’ way back in 1999, which kick-started the Hispanic music breakthrough of that time. Without him, we probably wouldn’t have the likes of Shakira or Enrique Iglesias in the American charts. So we have a lot to thank him for, right?

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was the woman who told us we were ‘Beautiful’ and gave us ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ to belt out at karaoke. But did you know she has Hispanic roots? And as if being an international superstar wasn’t enough, she’s also a UN ambassador!

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Eva Longoria

Born to Mexican parents, you probably best known Eva Longoria for her role on Desperate Housewives. But she has also created not one but two charities, one of which fights for better education for Latinos in America. What a girl-boss!

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