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30 Clear-Cut Signs He Really Just Isn’t Into You

Knowing for sure if that guy you can’t get out of your head feels the same way about you isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sure, being 100% certain that a guy likes you and wants a relationship with you is pretty easy, but what about if a guy isn’t really into you and doesn’t actually want a relationship with you, then how can you tell? To avoid disappointment and heartbreak, check out our 30 top red flags he isn’t serious about you.

Before falling head over heels in love with someone and planning your wedding, you need to be sure your future groom is actually into you! Dating someone whose feelings you are unsure of can be frustrating, that's why we're here to help. 

Signs he’s isn't into you…

Are you asking yourself why he hasn't yet made a move on you? Is it because he is shy or is he simply not interested? If you are still unsure of whether he is serious about you, check out our 30 surefire signs he isn't into you and get ready to find someone even better.

Texting addict

If you are dating a guy who’s more interested in his cellphone and Twitter account than you, this is a major red flag. If your date is totally uninterested and is completely obsessed with watching his Twitter feed, head for the hills because he’s not your Prince Charming.

Lack of eye contact

Body language and eye contact are important factors when determining if someone is into you or not. Good, strong eye contact means he really likes you and no doubt thinks you’re really cute. Whereas little or no eye contact means his head is elsewhere, which isn’t a good sign.

Is he into you?

Lack of conversation

Easy and flowing conversation is the key to a successful date and to figuring out if a guy likes you or not. If a guy turns up to a date armed with hundreds of questions, okay that example may seem a little or extremely scary, but is shows he’s interested in finding out more about you, it means he's not into you.

Yes / No answers

Openness is essential to being sure your date is feeling you. If you are doing all the work, asking all the questions and making sure everything flows but you’re not getting anything back or only very little, then unfortunately he just isn’t into you.

Mr Excuses

Things can pop up out of the blue and mean that you have to leave early, but not every time you see each other! If you are dating a guy who’s full of excuses and reasons why he can’t stay for dessert, then he really isn’t for you! There’s only so many times his pet cat can get sick!

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Odd texting behavior

Let’s face it, people are now more addicted to their cellphones than ever before, so if your guy doesn’t reply to your texts within a reasonable amount of time, or doesn’t reply at all, then something is up! The likelihood is that he doesn’t want to take things further with you.

Mr unavailable

We’ve all been there ladies and although we may not like to admit it, if a guy cancels and drops plans at the last minute without a valid excuse, then he doesn’t want to get serious. Bailing on plans once is okay, but on a regular basis it’s just unacceptable and you deserve better!

So laidback

Being laidback and cool is awesome, but never initiating dates or making plans is a serious red flag in the dating world. Ladies, if a guy is interested in you, he’ll do everything possible to see you on a regular basis, he won’t be able to get enough of you or your time.

Busy bee

Everyone has the right to be busy once in a while, but if the guy you are dating is too busy to leave his place every weekend, yet you see pictures of him on Facebook partying with his buddies, then something is up. If he can’t make time for you, he isn't ready for a relationship.

You’re never alone with him

If you never actually get to spend one on one time with the guy you’re dating, then you need to ask yourself if he’s serious about you and whether he wants a relationship with you. You deserve to date a guy who will wine and dine you, not invite you to bars to watch football games with his friends.

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Us girls aren’t tyrants, but we appreciate it when our dates turn up on time and don’t keep us waiting for hours, after all no one likes to be pestered by the server alone. Being on time is a sign a guy is dedicated and that he wants to spend as much time as possible with you.

Everything is on his terms

A successful relationship really does require an equal partnership, which means things can’t always be on your man’s terms. Although men might typically like to take the lead, us women are strong and independent, so guys can’t always make every single decision. If your whole relationship is on his terms, he isn't the guy for you.

Ex-girlfriend drama

If the guy you are dating constantly talks about his ex to the point you feel like you also used to date her, then the chances are he probably isn’t over her. If a guy isn’t over his ex then your relationship with him just won’t be a happy and fulfilling one.

Shallow questions

Asking deep, personal questions on a first date is probably some people’s idea of their worst nightmare, however if after a few dates your guy still doesn’t ask you any meaningful questions, then he just isn’t into you. Building trust comes hand in hand with asking deep questions.

Will your relationship be a success?

Serial dater

Meeting new people and dating have never been easier, but that doesn’t mean that guys can date three women at once. If the guy you are currently dating is also seeing other people, then you should really run for the hills right now; he’ll never want to settle down with you.

Mystery man

Typically after you’ve been dating for a while and are both certain to want to take things further, your guy will introduce you to his family and friends. We aren’t saying that things are doomed if you’re man hasn’t introduced you to his parents after two dates but, after a few months meeting the family is a normal step for a serious relationship.

Let’s get physical

Relationships based on psychical interaction and little conversation and no real deep connection are often dead-end unions. If the guy you’re dating is more interested in your body than in getting to know you, it’s not a great sign.

One-way relationship

Do you do all of the work and put in twice as much effort as the guy you are dating? Do you spend hours choosing your killer outfit and making yourself look beautiful whereas he barely brushes his hair? If yes, you are in a one-way relationship and would do better to walk away.

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No interest

Okay, so guys may not be very interested in every detail of your day and knowing what time you ate lunch maybe isn’t the most interesting thing, however, showing no interest is a huge red flag. Talking about the little things is just as important as chatting about serious issues and shows he's into you.

He tries to change you

Wanting to help someone become a better person and work on themselves is awesome, however if the guy you’re dating wants to change your appearance, then you need a new man! Remember you are perfect as you are and your natural beauty deserves to be appreciated, not changed.

Flirt alert

Guys flirt, everyone knows that, however if your guy continues to flirt with waitresses when he’s dating you then this is a major red flag. When you are with a guy, he should worship you and only have eyes for you, other girls shouldn’t even enter his field of vision.

Lack of jealousy

A little jealousy is healthy and can help spice up a relationship. However, if the guy you’re dating doesn’t get jealous whatsoever, it’s a bad sign. If your partner gets a little jealous it means he is serious about you and doesn’t want you to take off with someone else.

Bad listening skills

Dating a guy that doesn't listen to you is a surefire sign he doesn’t want to build a relationship or a future with you. Listening is the base for good communication, so if your guy’s skills aren’t great from the outset and he doesn’t try to work on them, the relationship won’t be a success.

Lack of compliments

Every girl loves being complimented because compliments equal interest. When guys find someone attractive and envisage a future with that special person, they typically shower them with compliments. So, if your man doesn’t compliment you, we’re afraid it may be bad news.

He has walls up

If you haven't got under the hood of the car so to speak and don’t feel as if you know your partner inside out after dating for a few months, then it’s likely your relationship won’t develop. For things to progress, your man needs to break down his walls let you in and be vulnerable.

He doesn't make you comfortable

Good relationships are about feeling good and at ease around each other. If a guy really likes you, he'll do everything possible to make you feel good and comfortable around him and his friends. However, if the guy doesn't put you at ease, he's not emotionally invested in you.

Gut feeling

Yes, it may sound a little cheesy and cliché, but when it comes to your love life and romantic adventures, you have to listen to your gut feelings. If your instincts are telling you your man isn't right for you and isn't invested in building a future with you, you need to walk away.

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No future plans

We don’t necessarily mean that for a guy to be into you, he should ask you to move in with him and get down on one knee immediately. No, what we mean is a guy who really likes you will invite to future events way in advance; it’s a sign of his commitment. 

He doesn’t call you his girlfriend

Let’s get real here, if the guy you have been dating for a while doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend and refuses to put any labels on your relationship, then this is a huge red flag that he’s not that into you.

He just wants 'to have fun'

Having fun is great and we’re all about it, but when guys tells ladies they have been dating for a while that they don’t want anything serious and just want to ‘have fun’, red lights should start flashing in your head, because it means he doesn’t want a future with you.

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