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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Love Compatibility Score Revealed

The royal wedding is almost here and the excitement everywhere is palpable. The wedding cake has been chosen, the flowers are being prepared and Meghan’s wedding dress is having the final touches being made to it. We can’t wait for the big day, but the question on everyone’s lips is, are Meghan and Prince Harry really compatible souls? Will their relationship last? Our expert's give you everything you need to know.

We like everyone else have royal wedding fever and are counting down the days until we get to see the beautiful royal couple says ‘I do’. Although the real question is, are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle compatible in love?

Prince Harry and Meghan's compatibility

Meghan and Harry have become one of the most famous and most loved couples in the world and the speculation surrounding the royal wedding is understandably more intense than ever! So let’s take a look at their personalities and decide just how compatible this famous couple really is according to their horoscope compatibility.

Are Meghan and Harry made for each other?

The answer is…Yes! Astrologically speaking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very compatible; some may even go as far as say they were made for each other.

What are Meghan and Harry's zodiac signs?

Prince Harry, who was born on September 15th 1984 in Paddington making him a Virgo. Meghan Markle was born August 4th 1981 as is therefore a Leo. The happy couple’s zodiac signs get along just great and make them a strong couple.

Will their relationship last?

Yes! Meghan and Harry’s relationship is built to last even despite the stress and media hype surrounding their union. As a Leo personality, Meghan is a natural leader and her emotional intelligence makes her very understanding and supportive of her future husband Prince Harry. Meghan Markle’s love and appreciation of justice makes her the perfect addition to the charitable and sensitive Prince Harry’s life.

What about Meghan and Harry's zodiac ascendants?

Meghan and Harry’s respective zodiac ascendants; Cancer and Capricorn are opposites which means they are both looking to establish a committed, stable and serious marriage surrounded by plenty of children.  

Is Meghan the girl Harry has been waiting for?

As for Prince Harry it’s a real no-brainer that he would want to marry Meghan and start a family with her. Prince Harry’s birth chart and zodiac sign indicate that Harry craves commitment, dedication, love and above all to be understood. The Prince’s need for commitment comes from a deep-seated fear of being abandoned just as he unfortunately was when his mother, Princess Diana tragically passed away.

Are Meghan and Harry similar?

Meghan and Harry have many similar personality traits which reinforce their compatibility. Both Prince Harry and Meghan love helping others and learning about different world issues. Virgo and Leo are two of the most genuinely caring zodiac signs and it’s thought that their common love of helping people was what brought them together and even helps explain why they make such a good team!

What's different about Meghan and Harry?

Although Meghan and Harry are compatible for the most part, they do differ in certain areas of their personalities. Former actress Meghan is known for being a social butterfly, whereas Harry is slightly shy and a lot more reserved than his blushing bride.

Are the couple's differences a problem?

Meghan and Harry do have their differences but that’s not to say their differences aren’t complementary. Meghan’s sociable side makes her a great communicator and peacemaker, which is a very positive character trait to have for a relationship to be successful. Harry’s birth chart reveals how much he hates change, which isn’t all doom and gloom because Meghan will always be there to support him and guide him through.

Is their attraction strong?

Harry and Meghan’s birth charts indicate that they were instantly attracted to each other and fell in love virtually immediately. Venus the planet of love determines the way in which we love. Meghan Markle’s Venus is in Virgo which means that in love she is sincere, patient and understanding. With Prince Harry being a Virgo Meghan’s qualities in love and exactly what he craves in a relationship.  

What does Harry love most about Meghan?

Meghan Markle may seem a little unconventional for a Princess, what with her successful acting career, outfit choices and love of PDA, but everything about Harry tells us that he loves her avant-garde side. Despite their different upbringings, Prince Harry really feels as though Meghan truly understands him and that he can be himself around her.

What about their wedding day?

Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding date; May 19, 2018 has an important astrological signification and marks a period of time whereby making important decisions is essential. May 19, 2018 marked the realization of new responsibilities and duties for the couple.

What will Meghan and Harry achieve?

Harry and Meghan will eventually go on to work hard on philanthropic projects and may even announce that they are expecting an addition to their little family towards the end of 2019.

What are their compatibility ratings?

Prince Harry and Meghan are the real deal and their relationship is set to go far. Their beautiful union means their compatibility ratings are very high indeed and the couple should expect to live a long, happy and fulfilling life together. We give them five stars!

Love compatibility score - 5 stars

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