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The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Your Child's Zodiac Sign

Halloween is creeping up on us again and if you have any plans for the haunted day, I’m sure the question of what outfit to wear will have crossed your mind. There’s the extra duty to find a good outfit for the little ones, if you’ve had the pleasure of having kids. We understand the difficulty of getting your child a costume they like which is easy to make or not too expensive. So luckily, we’ve simplified things for you with a costume for each zodiac.

You don’t want to upset your kids with a shoddy or an unoriginal outfit, but at the same time, you may not where to start looking. An additional effort, for the parents that really want to go that extra step, is picking an outfit which represents your child’s personality.

Cute Halloween costumes for kids by zodiac sign

Well, after reading our 2019 Halloween kids costume guide, you’ll only have to worry about what you’ll wear to your work party. Each of the selected costumes are outfits you can’t go wrong with, but you get extra points for matching zodiac sign personality with fancy dress!

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The Pixar classic is the perfect theme for your Aries kids this Halloween. The action-packed animation is a superhero cult classic and your kids will feel like they have superpowers in this costume.


Albert Einstein

Taurus are known to be people who value tradition and classics, so who better to dress your child up as than Albert Einstein. While your kids won’t get the reference, they will look pretty funky!


Harley Quinn

The famous villain from the Batman franchise works perfectly as a Halloween character for little Geminis this year. The Margot Robbie style shows off the dual personality at the heart of the Gemini zodiac.


Disney Prince/Princess

Life can be a bit of a fairytale for Cancers sometimes, so it’d be fitting to adorn them as a Disney Prince or Princess. Halloween is the one day that your little Cancer can live out their fantasy.



If they’re a Leo, you’ve probably already noticed your child’s dramatic side. Unleash this side of them this Halloween with a Superman or Wonderwoman costume, it’s an easily recognizable look that always works.



Every Halloween it’s mandatory to see at least one Ghostbusters jumpsuit … it’s tradition, right? Fit your kids in this iconic outfit and the compliments will fly in for your little Virgos.



You’ll have already seen glimpses but Libras really fight for equality and harmony. Dressing them as a judge is a cheap optioand one which will reveal some of their personality.


Cruella Deville

Throw it back with this chic outfit that will channel the inner sass of your young Scorpio. The minimalistic black and white colour fur theme will get heads turning and your kid will get a taste of high fashion.


Carl from UP

It’s weird but there's something particularly sweet about kids fancy dressing as elderly people, so we’re using it for Sagittarius. This will be a cheap outfit which expresses Sagittarius’ thirst for adventure.


Harry Potter

While Harry Potter wasn’t the smartest character in the series, he was rewarded for his dedication and ambition – much like Capricorn is. Kit your Capricorn kid as this wizard to see them magically become even more adorable.


Rubix Cube

You may have already noticed it, but people tend to struggle to understand the complex Aquarius personality. So, what’s more fitting for an Aquarius kid’s costume than a rubix cube?!



Dress up your little one as everyone’s favorite public figure, a doctor. This costume not only perfectly fits the compassionate nature of Pisces child but will also make them look cuter than ever before.

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