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15 Things Guys Should Never Ever Say To Women

Guys often say that they would need a manual to totally understand women, so here goes! We’re here to give our guy friends of the world a little helping hand when it comes to the women in their lives. Guys, to avoid pushing all the ladies that you know away because of tasteless gaffes, read our guide on what never to say to any woman.

Treat woman with the respect they deserve.

Don’t make these gaffes!

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Guys, avoid these pickup lines at all costs!

You’ve gained weight

So, we’ve decided to jump straight in there with perhaps the most unforgiveable and not to mention mean thing a guy can say to a girl. Talking about a woman’s weight in any way won’t ever be well-received.

You’re 100% wrong

No one ever likes to be told they are wrong, especially not us ladies. Guys, here’s a little tip, us girls prefer a good old-fashioned debate rather than being told we are outright wrong about something.

Succeed in love!

You talk too much

Telling a woman she talks too much is playing into one of the ultimate stereotypes, which by the way most of us don’t appreciate!

You can’t do that…you’re a girl

Outright sexism is something us woman just won’t accept in any way, shape or form. Women can do absolutely anything they set their minds to and are equally as brilliant as guys.

I don’t like your hair

Never ever insult a woman’s hair! Negative opinions on how a woman looks will never get a laugh out of us, you can mark our words on that one.

You’d be prettier if you smiled more

To a woman, this basically translates into you don’t look very pretty and you look completely miserable. Guys, a little heads-up, don’t ever say this to a woman.

Make your relationship a success!

How old are you?!

Asking a woman her age will never go down well in any circumstance and trust us, you won’t want to see what happens when a women gets offended.

So....How many previous partners have you had?

This conversation will almost definitely come up at one point or another, but guys, let the topic come about naturally and don’t force the answer out of a woman because she won’t appreciate it.

How much do you earn?

The same thing goes for asking a woman how much she earns, if she wants to tell you, she will when she’s ready. Your prying is likely to make her feel uncomfortable so let her take her time.

Is love in the air?

Calm down

Women know how to manage their anger and don’t need to be told by anyone to calm down, it will only make them madder.

You look tired

Telling a woman she looks tired is basically like telling her she doesn’t look her best and no one out there wants to hear that.

You’re too sensitive

For a woman, hearing she is too sensitive pretty much has the same effect on her as hearing she is weak would.

I don’t like your girlfriends

Having a group of amazing girlfriends that are there to support you is one of the best feelings in the world. Women typically have really tightknit friendships and insulting their friends would be massively overstepping the line.

Will you find love?

Your family are boring

Many of us girls are really close with our families and would do anything for them. Women have really impressive family values and couldn’t deal with hearing that someone doesn’t appreciate their family as much as they do.

You’re overreacting

The word ‘overreacting’ could trigger a huge meltdown, so guys try to avoid using it at all costs. After all, who is anyone to judge if a woman is actually overreacting?

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