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The Struggles Of Being 'Just Friends' With A Guy

It's the 21st centuary, so a guy and a girl can just be friends, right? But despite the laughs and banter, there are problems that only girl-guy friendships will understand. There’s the inevitable sexual tension, not to mention the issue of jealous boyfriends! Here's why platonic frienships with the opposite sex can be harder than you think...

Are you really ‘just friends?'

If you've got a guy best friend, we bet you're sick of explaining to people that no, you're not dating! Here's 10 struggles of having a opposite-sex friendship...

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Everyone assumes you’re dating

‘So how long have you guys been dating?’ The inevitable question that you seem to always have to answer whenever you two go out together. Why can’t people understand that it’s the 21st century, a girl and a guy can just be friends!

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Your partners get jealous

The friendship when one or even both of you are in a relationship can get tricky. Your boyfriend will be secretly jealous and wonder why you’re spending so much time with this other guy and you can just sense the tension between them...awkward!

Your guy friend gets jealous

Even though he won’t say it, you can tell that your guy friend is annoyed when you say you have date night so can’t hang out. You practically need a timetable to manage both their schedules!

You have to be ‘one of the guys’

You wouldn’t dream of inviting him to a girls night, but somehow you always end up with a big group of his friends drinking beer and watching football. Sometimes you love it, but sometimes you need another girl there for support! 

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Sometimes you just need girl talk

You can talk to your guy best friend about pretty much anything, but there are some things that only your girl friends can help you out with. He just won't understand your time of the month woes! 

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You have to avoid romantic situations

Going to the movies, or any restaurant with remotely romantic lighting is a no-go. You don’t want to give off the wrong impression, so you have a mutual agreement to stick to take-out and watching TV on the sofa…

You panic at the slightest hint of romance

What did that look mean? Did he just try to hold my hand? That hug was a little more intense than normal…You worry that he's developping feelings for you that you, and you don't want it to ruin your friendship! 

You start to doubt yourself

'Maybe I do have feelings for them?' After all, you probably chose to be their best friend because you thought they were funny, cool, caring, reliable…which just so happens to be the traits of a good boyfriend! Just a coincidence

You can’t resist science!

It’s just a fact that there will always be a bit of sexual attraction between a guy and a girl- it’s simple chemistry! So surely it’s just a matter of time before the attraction is too strong to resist? 

One of you confesses your love when you’re drunk

Ok, this is definitely the worst thing to happen in a girl-guy friendship. You're really drunk at a party and one of you confess your love for each other, or worse make a move…even if you don't remember it in the morning, things will never be the same again between you both. Or, perhaps it will be the start of a blossoming romance

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